Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why not cull the Corrella's

The divide between rural and urban attitudes is being highlighted following MP Graham Gunn's comments on culling Corrella's which are a problem to the farmers in his electorate. Just a note 'Farmers' are the people who provide the food you have to have, to supermarkets, butchers, bakers etc. In the same interview Gunn also said he was involved in the restraining or evicting of an animal right's protestor at a rodeo as well. I'm not sure of the total details I wasn't there. Socially in rural communities people know people and even if not by name do acknowledge their existence, the anonominity of urban life does not apply. Urban dwellers your environment socially, economically and media wise is totally different.

It is a far more practical lifestyle and what beasties you can only see in a zoo we can see roaming free. 'Country' people are not rednecks, it is a generalisation and can be funny. We are a minority of the population in South Australia but that does not mean our opinions, knowledge and ideas are wrong. We tend to respect our neighbour's because we are not disassociated by social or media stereotyping. What is an important issue in Adelaide is often totally irrelevant to the country, ie the tramline down King William Street, traffic problems at Footy Park and interest groups promoting and commenting on their issue of choice. The latter is usually an opportunity of association to an item such as the Corrella Cull.

I was fine with it all listening to radio comment and reading about it until I heard the comment saying that it's a typical redneck idea. Emotion should never come into a valid discussion. Raise it or encourage it and a wrath you never imagined can be dumped on you. Why do you think words such as N---GER; W-G; S---TIC have been removed or tempered in public use. Redneck is a non specific word that is lumped on people by where they live. It is about intelligence levels, sexual behaviour with relatives and gourmet dining on roadkill. Bloody hilarious at times, in fact. Never use it in intelligent debate on legitimate subjects. Showing your ignorance, bigotry and lack of ability to communicate sensibly and rationally.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff