Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Injuries are no fun, deal with them or suffer...

8/2/12 Wednesday. A later than usual entry this week. The writing time was taken up in other club duties. One activity that comes with being a golf club member is being a volunteer to get jobs done. This achieves a few things, besides getting work completed it also develops club pride and belonging in members. As well as the fiscal benefit of saving money and improving the viability of the club. A less obvious benefit is the improved knowledge of golf club and course operation among members. Golfers are players of the game, it is not our area of employment or expertise in expressing the modest appraisal we have of our ability in the game. Knowing how a golf club operates is very different from the view point of a golfer who just plays, to a golfer who volunteers and does some of the work that keeps a club going.

After the previous week of good golf on the course Saturday’s round at Kingston was a total collapse of any game ability during the first 14 holes. I was not able to establish any consistency while playing each hole, a good drive would be followed by an off target second, or inaccurate chip shot. The biggest failing was the disappearance of any form on the green with the putter. Given that 24 hours earlier I went around 9 holes for 18 stableford points and a 43 off the stick to say that I was a little bemused is an understatement. Then I began to claw some form back on the last 4 holes with some pars. It was a draining battle all day, feeling physically uncomfortable and any focus during shots could not be maintained. The final tally was 95 Gross for a Nett 83 with 36 putts.

Initially I was shell shocked that the round was devoid of the consistency that had been established from the last 6 weeks of practise and coaching. None of that “golf can be like that” adage could apply to this score. The conditions were great for golf, the range practise before driving to Kingston was good and the first couple of holes apart from a little stiffness I felt fine and accepted the bogies without really paying much attention to the second shots both being fat and short of the green. After driving home and sitting down to diner the cause of the bad game was becoming apparent as the pain medication I took earlier in the day began to wear off. Of late it had became an almost unconscious action to take a Tramadol tablet in the morning. Yes I do have chronic pain from motor vehicle accident injuries, that is why the script is provided. Usually if the pain begins to affect movement and comfort all that is needed is a Bowen Therapy treatment or even a therapeutic massage and all is fine again.

This time the oversight on my part was caused from concentrating on the coaching and practise program. Not paying attention that this was a lot more than the usual effort and body activity that can be comfortably maintained. Taking medication is a masking effect not a pain management technique, although increasing the comfort during the flare up of injury it has to be used as a stop gap between treatments.

Returned home now from having a Bowen therapy treatment and booked in for next week as a follow up. Already the discomfort is minimal and free fluid movement has returned to the everyday actions of standing sitting and walking. I am fortunate that from years of maintaining a regular therapy program and being aware of the limitations of my body that the bad times like these are recovered from rapidly. That said the booking in for another treatment next week is a guarantee that recovery is complete. It will not be until later in the golf season that I will have an increased practise routine and that will be nowhere near as imposing as this one has been. Taking in to account that my stance and associated movement in my swing is radically different, having removed the adjustments that accommodated the injuries but reduced golfing effectiveness.

The positive latitude and belief in my ability to play well in the coming tournament did not reduce whilst putting up with the discomfort of the past few days. It was not an unknown experience and once identified all it took was to follow the proven repair methods and all is well again. Golf may be a game of new action and results each time you step out on the course. Prepare well and don’t leave it to imaginary good fortune and luck and that will increase your ability to play better golf and get winning results. Thankyou for your rime and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all.” Geoff