Sunday, December 02, 2012

Winning score at last...

2/12/12 Sunday Three weeks between posts most likely the longest break for me yet still golfing. Sticking ith the fun aspect of the game in the 'less is more' approach to the end of 2012. Recovered fully from the various injuries now and have played a few Ambrose and club competitions in the recovery period. With some basic practise sessions tuning a few game aspects. there is also the club involvement. One more year on committee was got out of me by the president and that has started with a bang at the AGM and firing up a few with a motion to change the constitution.

Had the numbers and won the vote, yet there was dissent on over the procedure and listing in the agenda so in the interest of club harmony let the motion lapse and will call a special general meeting after the new year. This is a good thing as the older members were not expecting this to have support now they know their way is not the majorities choice. Showed that the club is split significantly on the future view and operation and this is not going to go away now a vote has been taken.

Yesterday played Kingston and the form returned with 37 points 85 gross with 32 putts including one 4 putt and three 3 putts. Not even bothered with that it was expected. The rest of my game is really on song and still keeping my game preparation at a minimal level and resting up. An open on the 15th is in the schedule and that is being used as focus to get my putting under 30 a round. Thankyou for your time and attention
Hit'em straight all