Thursday, February 04, 2016

Season 2016 starting well...

Game day and in this Australian summer watching the rain fall at 7am then abate to an overcast breezy day was no distraction. I just wanted to get out and play some competition Golf. Managed to get some chipping practise in the back yard and no time for a warm up with any long clubs. A few putts on the practice green and it was game time. End result was 39 Stableford points and 75 off the stick. The score was good make no doubt about that. A few errors that would have destroyed the card on the nearby course at Kingston. Which is irrelevant to what actually happened, my pleasure of doing well is not being influenced with optimistic delusion. All I took out of the day was once again the fitness training and practising as little as is being done is setting up my golf to achieve the targets of season 2016. The distractions of the requirements to run a business and live in the real world and maintain the harmony to include a golfing commitment is a major consideration. I have always been aware of that not only from my own position but from socialising with and observations of other golfers. It is a major requirement to be a success as a golfer and for average players like me it takes a lot more effort.
Managed to play at Kingston SE on Saturday the 9th in the club par round. My first hit over 18 holes for season 2016 was a success. Finished in 2nd place with a +2 score. Faltered on the last two holes and missed out on a +5 score. No complaints for me this has been the first time in two years I have been able to play competitive golf before mid February. All thanks to the last seven seasons of getting fitter and doing the exercising along the way. Now the first three months of a six month gym program have been completed and the set up for season 2016 is well in advance of any previous time. Not doing much range work at all instead choosing to enjoy playing golf and the gym routines as a package. Playing 6-9 holes first thing in the morning two to three days a week and working on the golf technique and game without the bucket of balls approach. Getting in some chipping and putting is all that is being done with any hint of practising. Thank you for your time and attention. The preparations are all going well for my annual Southern Ports Golf Week tournament. Three rounds in the week at three clubs. Aiming for a better finish than fourth place in A Grade 2015. The challenge of playing three stroke rounds and maintaining the consistency, concentration and winning is great fun. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff