Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mental weakness destroys my golf game...

It is not a surprise it has been something that has been in my thoughts the past weeks. First was to discern the why of the matter. Before it evolved into choking, the seeds were planted in the deadly game fault of 'playing safe'. So bloody stupid of me to fall into this innocuous trap. Chipping close to the pin is easy, then I started to think about the putt to come before playing the chip shot. As the synonym goes 'Putting the cart before the horse' does not work. To put things in the wrong order skews the result towards a direction of failure.
Next weekend is 27 holes at the Millicent Open and these greens are a couple of speeds above the slick greens at Lucindale. This week will be also getting my mind right with chipping. I do it well until I get on course and the confidence to play the shots evaporates. This is either choking or some mysterious brain fade by alien space rays. I will go with choking as the most likely culprit.
The rest of my game was very effective 12 plus fairways hit, very good approach shots setting up par chances or bogies if not one putts. The problems cause has been identified, now it is up to me to have the mental strength to not maintain waving the flag of surrender. Thankyou for your time and attention. hit he ball, find the ball, hit the ball Thankyou for your time and attention, hit he ball, find the ball, hit the ball Geoff