Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A return of form feels great...

26/10/11 The improvement is still continuing slowly with the Golfer/Tennis elbow ailment. Not over doing the practise hitting 35 balls yesterday and today played 8 holes and finished 2 over with an Out of Bounds. In a day with with very strong winds using the smaller driver 400cc, shelved the 420cc after one tee shot, was very effective. The Wilson 1200 blades (under wave shape) 1973-75, are proving to be a treat now they have been regripped and extended 3cm with shaft plugs.

The PW is great for chipping onto the greens being an older set the loft is greater than current sets, the feeling of comfort and ease in swinging the irons is also improving. Using the ACER 17 Degree Hybrid delivered a great birdie hitting 170m into the wind and the ball finishing 45 cm from the hole on a par 4. The swing is still a little tentative, with some residual stiffness in both arms caution is the chosen path for a little longer. Changed putters from the Wilson 100 to a Tour Sonic one I picked up a few weeks ago. It is a little shorter than my Wilson but importantly is lighter and it is on the greens when putting that the strain on my forearms causes discomfort.

Sitting here feeling a little smug with the 8 hole result and pleased to have benefited from the discomfort and limitations of an injury again. It is a creed of mine to "take the positive from the negatives". This has kept me inspired and motivated for a couple of decades, since a MVA. Fact is that I skipped a par 5 and a par four and played an extra par three to get the 8 holes in. Whilst the score was good, the endurance was not tested at all in the hitout. Now it is ice and Heat pack treatment for an hour or so to soothe the injured areas. Will have a good hit out in the 9 hole Chicken Run Stableford Friday and see how I fare then. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all"