Thursday, August 04, 2011

Reshafted 60 degree wedge...

4/8/11 Sitting in the house as it rains up in the Adelaide hills about to head off to Angaston for a couple of days with G/f then work and golf gig. Have decided to stay another day and return to Eudunda on the Sunday to play the second day of the comp. after the Ambrose on the Saturday.

Did slip down to the driving range this morning and put in an hour and a half chipping, bunker practise and irons and drivers. It is relaxing not having to pick up all the balls after having a hit. Gave the “new” addition to the bag a good work out to and very impressed.

Have had a 60 degree wedge for a while that never felt good in the hands, so it stayed in the dust gathering corner. Last week pulled the shaft and replaced it with a 6 iron shaft (short one about 33.5”) Now it is in the bag the extra length suits me just right in stance and accuacy is where I want it to be. Great out of the sand bunkers too so this is a bonus club my bag needed.

Should be fit enough and have an idea after the round what the course is like to have a crack. Ambrose is a great social way to wander around the course and get a good look at it with out being buried in playing the game.

Have a great weekend all, Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight”