Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Irons and Hybrids a choice of sets

31/10.12 Wednesday Arriving home yesterday I had some time to take a walk around the course after catching up with the various work and domestic tasks. Daylight saving is a good thing in that respect for a golfer who has to do a real job as well. It was a hot day and intending more to get out for the walk than practise anything specific took the irons instead of the playing set of hybrids. It has been a long time since any serious attempt to use the irons and the first hole was very ragged. Then it was with some amazement I began smacking the ball well with a birdie, bogie, bogie, par, par finish. This took a bit more effort than using the hybrid set yet the power and strength of the shots was not muted as it is with the game improvement sticks. The experience has inspired me to get out and have another hit with the irons again today. Not overlooking that the recovery from the past seasons golfing has made a marked difference to my capability with the irons though. Whist the complete hybrid set has been in my hands during this period of recuperation and I have been playing to handicap (12/13) or close to it in this period. The irons have been in my hands when playing my best golf earlier in the season so perhaps I can alternate between the two sets as part of my tournament preparations. Once again golf has delivered another interesting experiment for me to ponder and enact. I can see this as a continuing the less is more attitude and having some fun as well on the course. I am beginning to formulate a playing experiment with the two set and see if it can deliver good golf with less strain than the past season. Thankyou for your time and attention. ‘Hit ‘em straight all’ Geoff