Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Longer and just as accurate wins me over..

Wednesday 27/3/13 Yesterday afternoon I managed to get out and play a casual 7 holes to test out a club in my unused collection. With the definitive proof that my accuracy off the tee with the smaller 400cc clubs in the results of fairways hit at 60-75%. Together with the ease of using regular flex shafts I grabbed the 400cc Dunlop Fastrax offset Anti-slice driver for a hit yesterday. This club had been reshafted with a Fuji. 25 stiff flex shaft from a Taylor Made 580 driver. The Toski driver has been very effective of late so it was just done for the sake of trialing something else to see what else may be changed. The Dunlop delivers a solid thunk and feels ‘meaty’ when hitting the ball, it is slightly shorter 3-4cm in length. Delivers a less lofted ball flight 10 degree the same in the Toski. Flat sole on the Dunlop more bulbous on the Toski Club face proflie lower on the Dunlop while the Toski stays true to the rounded driver shape. Twin scallops on the top of the Dunlop heighten the lower profile in the design. As I went around the difference in the swing and impact while hitting the ball was a slight distraction. It became apparent that there was a greater distance off the tee from the Dunlop Driver. This was a vital discovery as I have lost 10-30m plus in the change from the stiff flex 440cc Cleveland launcher driver. On the last hole I got the definitive result. two shots from each driver and a 15m difference in length with the Dunlop travelling longer in the air. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff