Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weight keeps getting lower...

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18/8/12 Saturday. Very satisfied with the weigh off this morning.Following last weeks gain of .7 kilograms, today the total is 102.1 kg a loss of 1.10 kg.
The thought did cross my mind that possibly the diet supplements had ran their course of effectiveness and were beginning to falter as a reliable weight and health program. Instead the supplements have passed with the best possible result and that is a lower weight figure on the scales for me.

Again there was no specific dietary regime followed in the weeks eating. Coffee, toast and cheese for breakfast. Ham and salad sandwiches for lunch and grilled lamb chops with salad and vegetables with baked potato for dinner. On Friday and Thursday I had baked chicken Pie with salad for dinner. These were straight from the Bakery. What is a major plus is eating apples and carrot sticks or celery when getting the hankering for a snack while working. No crap foods like corn/potato chips, biscuits or cake etc.

With the particularly bad weather during the week I did less exercise with no 3-4km walks around the golf course on Thursday and Friday as I would usually do. With this and not following a particular diet program it would be possible to gain weight. Instead once again there has been a significant loss of more than a kilogram.

With approximately 2 weeks to go until the end of the second month of taking the supplements, it is still possible to reach my goal of 100kg. The benefits of carrying less weight 7kg at the minute is apparent in the lessening of other physical ailments. I had a Bowen Therapy yesterday and the usual groin and hamstring treatments were barely noticeable. They were almost perfect in their ability to operate without discomfort and pain.
Will head to Kingston and play 18 holes of golf today and also on the home track Sunday in the competition, first qualifying round for club championships.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff