Thursday, November 01, 2012

Better golf with better equipment...

1/11/12 Thursday. Continuing the equipment experiment yesterday and today has seen a few changes in the clubs now in the bag. Making allowances for my ability has been enhanced with the technological advances in club development. There is such a wide variety of game improvement clubs that golfers can access to provide game stability.

This has seen me since returning to the game use cavity back, Shark irons, Bridgestone j33 and j36 combo sets, Titliest ap2 and  hybrids with a complete set from #3 to PW. This came about after another breakdown at the end of a season and physically restricted from playing my best golf. In the past two months using the hybrid set my golf has improved and I am back to playing to or near handicap.

Now with the improved physical condition and weather as summer nears I have had a few social hits with the ap2 irons. After this experience during the week the bag set up is #3 to #6 hybrids and #7 to PW, SW irons. So far the difference is with improved short game distance, maintaining the accuracy of past weeks with all hybrids. What is noticeable is the improved 'feel' of the iron compared to the softer feel of the hybrids.

Some time to go with this development yet the idea is to have the option of two set ups that are compatible with my physical limitations. As I have commented recently my golf is not about making big improvement or changes now. It is fine tuning and building on the good golfing base that been established with coaching and practise. It is not one thing that improves my golf it is a complete package from tee shots, fairways, short game, putting and mental approach. Thankyou for your time and attention. ‘Hit ‘em straight all’