Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GOLF - Millicent Golf Course a challenge worth taking...

1st Hole - Par 5 - 506 Meters - Index 6
20 July Tuesday Took in four hours of walking around the Millicent Golf Course for 18 holes of practice. Great course and all of the reports about it were accurate, a really invigorating challenge to play on. Have never been there before today and would usually take the chance that it plays similar enough to other courses in the region. Must be getting smarter because if today had not happened Saturday would have been a disaster of a round. Unlike my home course apart from the par 3’s no more than 2-3 greens are visible from the tee and it is hilly as opposed to the flat coastal course I play on. The big note to self is to look up when setting for a shot. had a few probs with not doing this at Keith and Lucindale too, not being used to a course with towering gum trees along the fairways. Importantly have a feel for the greens and definatley have to work on my pitching. At the very least I have an idea of how to play it now for the Open on Saturday. If you are ever travelling near by take the opportunity to call in and… play on a top 100 rating golf course. The Millicent Open is the fifth round of the ten in the S.E.G.A. D.K .Edwards Trophy. Having played in 3 of the first four I should have no problem completeing the required minimum of 6, at the minute well placed in the top order of my grade to be able to put in a challenge for a win.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff