Friday, March 18, 2011

Another step forward....

Friday 18/3/11 Sometimes Golf seems to bring out the 'inner parking inspector' in people. There is something in this game which releases an officious know all gene in some people. It is a matter of not being put off and if there is a dispute raise it in the club house at the end of the round and get a match committee ruling on it before signing your card.

Unfortunately the incident and its ramifications must be sorted as soon as possible. Allowing the rest of the round to be completed, with a semblance of harmony. I have never had to play a round of golf which has been affected by a ruling dispute or an irritating player. Yet it is sure to happen one day, that is the law of averages lol. Generally speaking playing partners are not a distraction to me I try to be as civil as possible whilst buried in that 'GOLF WORLD' in my mind as the round unfolds.

Being a conversant and chatty playing partner can be a major task for me at times, my brain is wired in that way. Always make the effort to join in with the group, of late though in winding down from Southern Ports my game has been very erratic. Practise has been very good technically and result wise. As a person an effort has been made to relax and not dwell on the result. The future beckons, starting with getting used to the graphite shafted blades that have been in the bag this week.

Performance wise, adjusting to the longer distance and retaining the accuracy that had became the norm with my last iron set is paramount. The short game around the green is still good, the short irons from 50m - 150m has been altered dramatically. Never been a long hitter with my irons compared to many of my peers. Wedge from 50m was a big call now I am using it effectively out to 70-80 m. This increase has been transferred through my irons out to the #5.

The #3 and #4 irons are still in the same effective distances 160-190m that is no problem and depending on the conditions and hole being played the #3 and #5 Woods come into consideration with these distances. As I played only with irons in 2009 I have no favourites and use them all happily. The recent changes including better swing technique, fitness and consistency are complimented with benefits from the better 'touch' of the blades with graphite shafts. It is like having 20 clubs in the bag with the flexibility available from this latest club configuration.This month is looming as another that will deliver some more moments of note in the golf adventure. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff