Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Championships draw released...

28/8/12 Tuesday. Managed to get a Bowen treatment this morning and that has released the restriction on my body. Was healing up slowly but getting a treatment was vital to have me in better condition for the first round of matchplay for the club championships on Sunday.

Got to the clubhouse and have seen the draw, it is the same opponents as last season for the first two, with the current club champion my opponent if I win the first round. Then it will be some one new to play off against if I win through to the final 36 hole round.

Playing matchplay is always a challenge and my short game will be getting some dedicated practise. Chipping in and dropping the first putt is a major bonus in this knock-out competition. Weather has gone to crap again with more rain today settling in to soak the course. Fortunate that the new place I am moving to has a shed and will be there tomorrow setting up my driving net inside to get some range practise in the armoury.

It is great to have finally got to this part of the season and in better condition physically than last season. Starting to have a few body parts waver as in last weekend but that hurdle has been leapt now it should be relatively plain sailing to the eventual outcome.   Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”