Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back in the swing...

29/8/12 Wednesday. Did the smart thing yesterday and did not succumb to temptation and withdrawal symptoms and go out swing a club after the Bowen Treatment. It did help keep me indoors with the rain falling throughout the afternoon, as I am certain that going to practise some putting and chipping would have led to hitting some long irons.

This morning though I grabbed twenty balls together with the six iron and pitching wedge then went out on the practise fairway. Nice and easy swings after some stretching exercises to warm up were very satisfying. No twinges and good distance and accuracy was the result and that was exactly what was wanted. Back home afterwards a little tenderness was apparent in the recovering area but nothing foreboding about this.

My golf game will fall back into the recent rhythm easily enough. No big hitting in my golf, just a steady plod of hit the ball straight and accurately, as is possible. The coming weeks will be fun and this week I will enjoy the mental exercise of preparing my game brain for match play. The opponents do not count in my planning very much, that is a distraction to actual play of winning golf. Awareness of them during the round is a must, ignoring the signs of faltering is also an effective way to lose a game of golf.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


Two days of Weight loss program to go...

29/8/12 Wednesday. Into the last week of the 2 month weight loss effort taking the diet supplement and I am recovering from a debilitating bout of back pain that often coincides with weight gain. As usual there has been no exercise in this period which began on Friday, literally bed ridden on Saturday and Sunday. Up and out of bed moving gingerly by Monday afternoon, taking care not to jar of strain the injured area.
Rest is always a good healing agent and by Tuesday the injury had receded into a relatively minor disability. Managed to book a Bowen Therapy treatment on the same day and that was to speed up the healing and correct the cause of the injury flare up. Would have forgone this for a few days in normal circumstances yet with the first matchplay round of the club golf championships on Sunday it is vital to improve as soon as possible.
The crunch of all is has my weight blown out in this injury recovery period? In this case no, in fact the opposite; down to 101.2kgfrom Saturday’s 102.3kg

Visually my body has obviously lost a few of the rolls and bulges from the initial 109kg when I began the weight loss attempt taking the diet supplements. 

With only two days of supplement capsules left I am very happy with the result since beginning in July. To have lost, at worst 7kg in eight weeks, up to 8kg possible in the last few days is a definite success.
Without doubt my sceptical opinion has been changed to one that says this works. During this weight loss period there have been times when there has been gains between some weekly weigh ins. The point is that this is not an instant quick fix and what you eat and moderate exercise has to be considered. The fact is that the loss of 7 kilograms in eight weeks is the minimum result I have achieved. You must follow some simple rules and not eat fast foods, biscuits, cakes, cream pastries, chocolate bars and other confectionery from the sweets and lollies section in shops.
I will do a final weigh in on Saturday morning. Then continue this written record for a couple of weeks to see if the weight comes back now that the supplements are not part of my dietary routine.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff