Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yes more distance is a fact in my golfing game...

Thursday 17/10/13, Dear readers and other believers in the mystic religion of WAKFUK, yesterday I wandered around for nine holes experimenting with the latest driver conundrum. This was done with a Cobra S3 ZL stiff flex (yes a white one) It is fortunate to have a mate who has that much underestimated devotion to the 'Must Have" tenet of WAKFUK. It was used as a comparison to the Cleveland SL290, shortened shaft in my bag. I do not espouse to the trial in net and on a range to justify a new driver in the bag. At the end of nine holes I am bemused by this experiment. Hitting into the wind and with the wind the ball went further and by that I mean significantly so. My playing partner commented that my swing seemed much slower with the Cobra. I believe this was because I was controlling the swing and not trying to push the limits of it in my hands. In essence it was to be able to compare it to how I play with the Cleveland. On the Final Hole I settled down and let fly off the tee with two drives with the Cobra and then played a more controlled drive. Then I hit two drives with the Cleveland which landed 1m in front and 2m short of the restrained Cobra drive and I mean that literally that accuracy with the Cleveland even surprised me! Comfortable 200m drives with a gusting cross wind. The First two though were draws and 220-230m drives. The result at this stage is I can get much more distance with the heavier Cobra and easily, the accuracy though is compromised for the minute. This is a moderate problem though as I played several drives and they went near enough to where i was aiming. What was particularly noticeable is the 'power' of the tee which propelled the ball so far with so little effort. Without doubt the Cleveland cannot deliver the distance of the Cobra. The conundrum as always for me is with a game based on control and accuracy from never being capable of hitting particularly long now I have to figure out how to play with that ability now available. I add this is not solely due to equipment but significant fitness improvement as the basis combined with technique from using the Dream Swing trainer. Thankyou for your time and attention hit the ball find the ball hit the ball Geoff

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Good form needs the correct equipment..

Wednesday and finally a bit of time to recount the past weeks golfing. Got back to a flatter swing which has delivered immediate results and back in the minor placing's in club competitions again. On a trip to Adelaide last week called in to Drummond Golf and spent 40 minutes in their nets getting my swing checked out and calibrated on the computer. My swing speed is still around the same pace. The vastly improved technique and timing from using the Dream Swing has been the factor which has taken me back to stiff flex iron shafts. This was a very beneficial analysis session, as well as experimenting with the new X10 driver. Interesting to put my Cleveland SL 290 with the shorter shaft alongside new drivers and hold its own. That said the importance of having the correct shafts has now become vital in my golfing progress. Having a social nine holes this afternoon and will be using a Cobra S3 Driver. Look until last week absolutely no intention of getting another driver was the answer. In fact the question was not even in my mind, nor was getting stiff flex shafts and new iron either a month ago. It is a very hard decision to make, getting my game to settle into effective play with the improvements. Then have to consider that the equipment has to change as well. The new irons are a must an driver change not at all and it is firtunate the guy who I am getting the irons from has just changed driver as well. Playing nine holes with the S3 Driver and a few practise sessions will feed my interest enough. Now to the weekend results, finally. Only one round played after a 3 hour drive from Adelaide to make it to Kingston Saturday morning out the car and scored 32 points. With 4 x three putts the only real problem and that I put down to the travelling. Finished in 10th place out of 32 golfers, did not play Sunday it was another very windy day and I had work as well to tidy up so a rest was the choice. Pacing myself to tell the truth and taking some time to get settled into my new golfing capability. It is great to be champing at the bit to play again. Also only 6 weeks to go and 3 years on committee are finished and I will enjoy the freedom of that a lot. Thankyou for your time and attention hit the ball find the ball hit the ball Geoff

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Al Square Par round success...

Took the trip to Kingston yesterday and played in their Par round. Was short of time leaving Robe later than usual and had no warm up chip and putt. Was not concerned as the goal was to have some fun and still explore the adaptation to the improved golf game that I have developed. finishing all square to end the round was a very good result given my recent results over eighteen holes. Not having a practise putt and warm up hit did influence the result yet was of no concern seeing that I played well enough to be square at the end of the round. It was unusual in one respect that the Kingston greens were significantly slower that I am accustomed to. this caused several putts to fall short of the hole. Frustrating when putts were 2-3 rolls off falling into the cup. Still not perturbed about the matter. It does show the importance of having a warm up before playing is to my game. The other problem was with the wedge to the green from 100 meters in to the green. It was a confidence issue for some reason I shanked the first shot top the right and after that was rattled every time I was setting up to play the next shot. This morning I am heading out for another warm up definitely before playing today. With the improved game ability that has developed in the past season. Yesterday was a day while playing well I could truly engross myself in the changed game I play. Off the tee is no real problem with the accuracy, distance and comfort. The problem has been the second and third shots (on par five holes) Adjusted to the need to play 2 clubs shorter for many of these shots now, Using a seven instead of a five iron has been a big change. The other adjustment was mental from being 20 to 30 metres closer to the green off the tee. Instead of enjoying the achievement I was choking on the expectation placed on myself to hit the green, as well as trying to pick the correct club. Fresh start today, a stroke round and the October Monthly Medal round looking forward to the experience and building on the growing comfort in the still new golf game I play. Thankyou for your time and attention hit the ball find the ball hit the ball Geoff

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Back to the future...

Managed to get out and hit 30 balls yesterday with the five iron and work on getting comfortable with the new-found improvements. How much of an impact is the increased swing speed having on my game can be typified by an example from Sundays Stableford round. Travelling easily 7 points after five holes just enjoying the round in good weather. Sixth hole hit a comfortable drive from the tee, 150 m from the green. Either 5 iron or hybrid easy hit grabbed the hybrid swung easy as and watched the ball sail over the green into the bush! WTF must be a fluke I know this distance and swing needed in my sleep. Reload same club easy swing POW! Even sweeter hit, flew over green and bush to be found on adjacent fairway. Just one of several occurrences in Sundays round that ended with 29 points. Not playing crap just out of my long established comfort zone. Which not surprisingly is a lot of fun. Honestly the pleasure of being able to do something that was never considered attainable is great. Yet in all truth it is virtually taking me back three seasons in my golfing, playing to 20-25 handicap because I have no idea what the ball is going to do. . Here is the upbeat point, I can go back into my golf blogs/diary to then and renew what I did to take the next steps to playing down to the 11-12 handicap figure again. Instead of battling away trying to recapture form it is simply follow the same path that worked so well before that was recorded in my posts. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff