Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Handicapping discrepancy..

My golfing has never really been influenced by the GA handicapping system too much I believed. Until this weekend. Our course is being redeveloped and a composite course has been set up and rated. Interestingly the same layout has been rated twice one at 113 slope and the other 111 slope. Playing exactly the same course the influence of the lower slope rating this weekend has a marked effect on my result. Playing off a 9 handicap I scored 37 stableford points with 77 off the stick (Nett 68) which is the course scratch rating DSR is 66, Par is 69 which results in a Played to Handicap of 11. Followed on to my Caddie Challenge score being rated at 34 Points! Which means instead of winning $30+ I lose $10 on top of the gob smacking score derived. Have been in touch with the captain and after further analysis of my past scores found another that is not flagged with a 79 off the stick with 38 points and a played to Handicap of 12.2. The lower slope rating makes it completely pointless in me playing the course when it is in place.As I have to play to 2-3 under my handicap just to match it. The real issue is why the same course is rated with two slop ratings of 111 and 113. In fact the reality of my handicap is basically pointless it is either GA of 9 as it stands or if the two scores highlighted are adjusted approx GA 8.8 or less. Thankyou for your time and attention. , Geoff