Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcome to the closing chapters of the 2014 edition of "I am not 3 metres tall and bullet proof".
It has been a year of what feels like progress and improvement even if I have gone out from 12 to currently 14.6 handicap wise. Major failures in all of the matchplay events was a disappointment especially after being among the top qualifiers in the club championships. The trophies for the season include four monthly medals, Winning the three round Caledonian Inn club competition, winning Robe Open Division II Gross and Nett as well as Runner up at Kingston Golf Club Summer Open Div II. These achievements do soften the failure of not improving my handicap. The obvious problem for me on the golf course in 2013 was injury, nothing major but debilitating restrictions which hampered my ability to play consistently and with comfort Typified by the last three weeks of struggle with groin strain. Frustrations comes from actually being much fitter the since 2009 when I returned to the game. As well as having improved my golfing technique so well that I had to clear out all the regular flex equipment and return to using stiff flex shafts mid season. This was a very unsettling period virtually like when I returned to the game in 2009. I was in the dark about my distances with clubs, with all shots combined with the adjustment to using hybrids from, #2 to #6 irons in the bag now. I laugh and enjoy golf because while it is not at my peak right now, I am doing as well as expected from the time spent being able to practise. This week i did not touch a stick until Sunday am. when i wandered over to the course and had a few swings to see if I could consider playing. Which by the end of the days round was a limping struggle but not any pain. Finishing with 34 points and that due to missing a couple of easy putts and chips that could have made a 38 point result achievable. The season failure was in the approach shots I have to get Greens in Regulation into my game to reach my dream of a single digit handicap. That is all which is holding me back, now with a driver (Powerbilt Airforce One N7) and swing that gets 220m consistently (up to 240m regularly) and accuracy. The failure to get the ball on the green from 120 metres and less is killing the dream. Which is never ended until my last golfing breath so onward and downward for 2014. All the best to those who travel through my ramblings each season, Have a great 2014. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit the ball, Find the Geoff