Friday, May 17, 2013

Steady golf is the reward for practice

So much for quitting golf, not that this thought crossed my mind in the past week. Did a little musing on the loss and there was nothing in my thoughts to incite an personal sporting revolution. A couple of phone calls on Friday afternoon and I was out playing in the 9 hole chicken run. Funnily enough with out any collusion it was two other A Grade golfers in the match play rounds who are playing off against each other tomorrow. It was good fun and a lot of verbal b/s was thrown around during the 9 holes. Once again I was on the fairways off the tee with straight accurate drives. And again the second shots at the green were marred with a couple of bladed strikes. These mishits really irritate me. Hitting the ball 'fat' which invariably fall short are not as likely to be disasters. Hitting the ball 'thin' results in the ball flying uncontrollably forward sideways and long. This problem is one of comfort and not being consistent enough with my set up and will be corrected with more practice. Short game and putting is still competent enough to be very good at times. It is also reasonably consistent these days even as I am adjusting to a new putter. There is also a particular change in my putting which is taking significant effort to adopt. It has became the preferred standard to putt at the hole not towards it and fall short so often. Which brings me to the 9 hole Chicken run I play off 8 which is 6 strokes less than my current playing handicap. Today a score of 16 points not a bad effort on my part, did it easy too with the errors not too destructive. Tomorrow I am off to Kingston SE top play 18 holes and enjoy myself. Taking the time to return to why I love playing the game and have fun in the preparation for the coming months. Thank you for your time and attention. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. Thank you for your time and attention. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. Geoff