Tuesday, December 02, 2014

There is a lot of satisfaction today with the showing of my season 2014 bling. The past few months golf wise have been crap, unable to play, practise or revel in all aspects of the game. Which is not that bad, at all it is simply recovery time and that is why the season successes are so valuable. Club Handicap Champion, Winner of the 3 round Gallerie Trophy and winner of the Club Eclectic trophy. Not counting the several monthly medals along the way, definitely counting the $225 worth of vouchers though.
Every bit of pain was wort it given the result of season 2014, it still sucked and I am not pushing myself to return to golfing at the minute either. The "less is more" approach is what must be done to get as much physical repair and recovery time in as possible. This time off is also balanced by me working on the mental side of my game. Improving the awareness of my capability and awareness. Especially starting to revamp the game strategy to accommodate the improved golfing capability. Even in Sunday's Robe Open I charged the course after the sixth hole I realised that I was holding back and this was going to be ineffective. So the decision was made to drop my established game strategy and take a very aggressive one for the rest of the holes. Knowing full well that my game was not at it's best was not a problem. It is time for me to develop a more aggressive game capability and the best way is in a competition event. Apart from some technical fails in the execution of shots. Not very many of them either, this was an invaluable experience. Dear reader, I absolutely reveled in throwing everything into every shot. Apart from the technical fails, which came from lack of practise and lack of physical condition, wow is the best way to describe what I discovered about myself and what is now in the golfing bank. That is where the club wins for the season come into their own, representing what has been achieved. Match play victory, Staggered rounds over months, and Eclectic score victory the big one. I can now play birdie golf! Take it easy, hit the ball, enjoy the golf. Thankyou for your time and attention. Geoff