Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday 5/5/13 I have no proven idea of what went wrong yesterday! Hit the ball well off the tee, putted well enough, chipped well and struck the ball well on my approach shots, which all fell 20 metres give or take a metre short all day. It was like that film with Bill Murray “Ground Hog Day” and with only 18 holes to play not enough time to rebuild what ever was broken. It was up with other very frustrating competition rounds I have played. Not a person to look for excuses there was only one factors that outside of my golfing that was influencing my game. For some reason the contact lens in my right eye was blurred all day and I could not get the best focus with both eyes. I do know it takes two eyes for depth perception yet this was golf. I hit certain clubs set distances all that remained is the possible mental psyche out of myself with the sight problem. Playing partners Hutch, Nick and Lofty. This morning I have no eye sight problems and the only change is not wearing the contacts from yesterday. Winner James Norcock from Naracoorte golf club The golf day was great fun the social side of playing club opens in the country regions is a big influence. Never know who you are going to play with and just turn up and join in the day on most occasions and feel very welcome. That was more so in the first year I played the Regions opens. These days I know many of the players yet still choose to play with whomever the club put me with. Still meet the golfers I know when arriving or after in the clubhouse, but have new social golfing mates as well. Being the huge power hitter I am it is no surprise (choke, cough, fart, dribble) that I won the B grade long drive. Which gave me a chance to get up and compliment the Penola Club on their excellent day. No matter how many kangaroos I see this mob (30+) at Penola are something special. It is almost as if the all come out of the pine plantation to watch us whack the balls around the course. Thankyou for your time and attention, Hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball Geoff