Monday, December 22, 2014

A golf game returning to good form...

Had a good amount of time to reflect over yesterdays round and the result. To finish tied 3rd and to be 4th on a countback (34 points) was fun. This is the important difference between now and the 'competition golf' season. I missed two easy putts on the 17th and 18th (which if dropped would have claimed 2nd spot) and did not care at the time. The guy who beat me for third had a bigger reaction to the missed putts, we played in the same group. I still am not bothered by the loss and simply happy to have played a decent round of golf. Today there is a few twinges in the shoulder, that is the concern. This is still my recovery period and the result is far down the list in what matters in golf to me at the minute. I hit the ball well off the tee to the green and the errors on the day were in essence no more than six strokes from drives, shots to the green, chips and putts. Combined with a bit if tiring towards the end, quite simply it was an easy round of golf and the exact representation of my current standard. Today there was a brief though to go out and hit some balls, perhaps play a couple of holes or six, even some chipping practise. All declined after the conversation in my head, in favour of the 'less is more' mind set and let the sore spots recover. The chipping errors were not bad, it was the fact that I can now get back spin and stop the ball on the green. Which means I have to start pitching the ball closer to the pin now and the transition from pitching short and running the ball to the hole is still entrenched mentally. Two drives off the fairway added a couple of extra strokes to those holes. One tee shot with a five iron was short into the wind and dropped into a water hazard. Again a mental fault, usually hit a 7 iron and pulled up the stroke with a mental block unable to accept the wind needed a full 5 iron. So here I sit in losers paradise and not at all bothered. My golf is returning to a better standard than what is was before. and once again it is on to the goal of single digit handicap in 2015. Thankyou for your time and attention Geoff

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sun Fun and Golf...

Sensational day weather wise. No reasons for not golfing can possibly come up so it is an afternoon of wak fuk for me. Had a fun hit in the Friday Chicken run playing off 5 hcp after winning the chicken last week. Not at all disappointed to have reached that level over nine hols in 2014, half what my GA Handicap is. It changes back to the GA Handicap next week and sadly I did not manage to play to it on Friday. Yes dear readers I went hell for leather to try and do it though. The driver was off target too often on three holes with lost balls and that was no major problem. Simply a little stiff after the week of treatments. Did not hold back and apart from three wipes, still scored a credible 11 points. Got out yesterday and did some range hitting working on the irons, which are going well. The driver still a little crap with a tendency to hit across the ball too often and slice. Not that bad of a slice in essence except my game is badly affected by inaccurate drives, would be fine if playing off 16-18 handicap. A warm up session this morning should sort it out though and then it is all down to if I can last 18 holes yet. Have also been working on my chipping a lot lately. Practicing hitting the ball so it has back spin and stops on the green near the pin instead of running past too far. Which is why today will be Wak Fuk golf, my game is being redone and the transition period is now. Great fun to play as long as I do not expect to win. Thankyou for your time and attention , Geoff

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

There is a lot of satisfaction today with the showing of my season 2014 bling. The past few months golf wise have been crap, unable to play, practise or revel in all aspects of the game. Which is not that bad, at all it is simply recovery time and that is why the season successes are so valuable. Club Handicap Champion, Winner of the 3 round Gallerie Trophy and winner of the Club Eclectic trophy. Not counting the several monthly medals along the way, definitely counting the $225 worth of vouchers though.
Every bit of pain was wort it given the result of season 2014, it still sucked and I am not pushing myself to return to golfing at the minute either. The "less is more" approach is what must be done to get as much physical repair and recovery time in as possible. This time off is also balanced by me working on the mental side of my game. Improving the awareness of my capability and awareness. Especially starting to revamp the game strategy to accommodate the improved golfing capability. Even in Sunday's Robe Open I charged the course after the sixth hole I realised that I was holding back and this was going to be ineffective. So the decision was made to drop my established game strategy and take a very aggressive one for the rest of the holes. Knowing full well that my game was not at it's best was not a problem. It is time for me to develop a more aggressive game capability and the best way is in a competition event. Apart from some technical fails in the execution of shots. Not very many of them either, this was an invaluable experience. Dear reader, I absolutely reveled in throwing everything into every shot. Apart from the technical fails, which came from lack of practise and lack of physical condition, wow is the best way to describe what I discovered about myself and what is now in the golfing bank. That is where the club wins for the season come into their own, representing what has been achieved. Match play victory, Staggered rounds over months, and Eclectic score victory the big one. I can now play birdie golf! Take it easy, hit the ball, enjoy the golf. Thankyou for your time and attention. Geoff

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hit the ball, work the ball, hit another ball

Enough of the sitting around and not having any golfing. The tolerance limit was reached, with some sensible rules nailed in place the practice net is getting used to soothe my golf addiction. Nothing special, day one yesterday 20 balls with the 6 iron, today 30 balls. No chipping into the target buckets, this irritates the injury more than hitting full tilt irons or drivers. As does putting. My thoughts did go to hitting more balls today, it felt great with balls flying off the club face with so little effort. Importantly was the focus on the set up and follow through to fine tune the swing technique. So hit another ten to satisfy my curiosity. Whilst it was great fun to work on tuning the ball striking and technique for the future, there was the beginning of an ache in the shoulder with the last couple of swings. All good though the rest is working and the Xrays are next Monday until then it is up to me to not waver from the No Competition Golfing decision. Certainly not easy to do for me either, relying upon the practise net to counter the desire to play this weekend. Considering how yesterday I said no to the enquiry about playing in the two person Ambrose at Penola this Sunday. Yet this morning I was musing over playing 18 holes at Kingston Saturday. Writing these posts is cathartic in a major way. Making me look at what I am thinking about and reminding myself at the same time as to why I must not play. At the minute I can recall several golfers I play with, all who have came back too soon from injury. Their regrets were all the same, having to accept the frustration as well as in a couple of cases re-injuring themselves. My approach is to begin tuning my game now within strict guide lines. I have already noticed how much better my swing and ball striking is in the short abeyance so far. Once the injury is identified and treated, I know that my game is going to realise major improvements. DON'T Hit the ball, No need to find the ball, DON'T hit the ball Thankyou for your time and attention. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff