Monday, May 18, 2015

Qualified for Club Championships

The final qualifying round for club championships yesterday and the club captain put together a very interesting group that I played in. Including the reigning club champion, the current highest qualifier myself and a visiting 9 handicap golfer. The round was played in perfect weather and make no mistake the game was played in the best of sporting spirit. Best summed up by the vising golfer at presentations when he complimented us on or golfing etiquette and ability. It was perhaps the most I have ever been in the zone while playing a club competition. The results had the qualifying leader post a 75 gross, club champion a 76 and myself a 77 off the stick. I was keeping the champs card and our round within a round soon became an unofficial match play game. Considering he is a 3 handicap and myself 10.7 on the day the end result was gold for me. After 18 holes we were all square, this was the best possible boost that could be in my corner with the first playoff rounds starting next week.The draw has been made and I will not meet the current champion until the final if I win through. Besides the mental confidence booster there has been another major improvement for me course wise. Due to the new development and selling off some current golf land, a par 5 and par four have been taken out of play. Replaced with two par three holes this has been a significant aid to my golf capability. In the 24 hours between rounds Saturday and Sunday, the tee shots and approach shots all settled as desired. The putting even improved with one practise session prior to Sundays round. The foundation has been laid for a red hot tilt at the club championship this season. Thankyou for your time and attention , Geoff

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Playing in carts not for me yet...

Not as successful on the Heywood Golf Course on the second trip over Saturday. No complaints game wise, did not putt or chip as well yet much better off the tee. The big change was playing in a cart. Not something I usually do and it had a significant effect on my game. Where I am usually chatting with players in the group in between shots walking to the ball, in the cart the company is in your face all the time. I could not settle on my short game and putting all day and shot selection was erratic. No great problem as I won the raffle for a dozen beers and the other mate in the car claimed second so 18 bottles started the trip home in the booty chest. This weekend is a working one so apart from playing the 9 hole Friday comp. it may be an enforced golfing break. No complaints as any added rest is a bonus and the driving range at home is getting a good work out. Happy to work on the long iron technique and overall ball striking, with chipping and putting at the club for the week. Thankyou for your time and attention , Geoff

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Win at the 2015 Heywood Autumn Open

Took the drive across the border to Heywood GC on Wednesday, two and a half hours in the car did have me consider how much it would affect my round. Fortunately I misread the start time and arrived 90 mins before tee off and that gave plenty of time to loosen up. A session in the hitting nets and the chipping and putting practise area were good value.
The round obviously with the prizes was good enough 36 points with a wipe and a few single pointers. The course has wide fairways and that is something that suits my game, the tall gums don't but that is a fair trade off. The short game was the key to the good score, did improve on GIR after Saturday's Kingston round. Even so the number of miss hit second shots was too many, although the progress in practise the past week improved a lot. Off the tee the driver was a power house, again the upgrade has proved it's value. Did have a series of tee block failures though and that came from teeing the ball too low and being a little stiff in the hips. The travel up was not that well suited to me physically. No real complaints though as a win is all the proof needed to endorse the golf being played. My mind is working on the next steps of training in May to reach the single figure goal, currently on 10.7 GA handicap. Thankyou for your time and attention Geoff

Friday, April 24, 2015

Right time, get the right equipment...

Dear readers, a long week in golf is the best description for what has past so far. Sunday was a -2 finish in the par round and I charged for the win all day.To no effect with the same problem all day, 'inconsistency'. Nothing would stay steady. A couple of missed putts here, a wayward drive there, with a below average chip or shot for the green. It was not pressure at all it was a fun day on the course it was just not reliable golfing. To follow on as the week progressed I was browsing for a second driver. The Callaway Optiforce has been excellent since 2014. The shaft change to a stiffer flex from the Project X 5.5 had been effective also. Travelling through the week I had a few hours spare and hit the pro shop to trial few drivers, Callaway Big Bertha and Cobra Fly Z alongside my Optiforce. Gobsmacked is the only description. I know my capability I do not have a fantasy of a big drive in the tank, any more than one or two hits a round above my steady 200-220m distance. The Big Bertha threw that out the window. This is nothing more than the result of having a reliable swing. Even so what and amazing result, swinging easy and boom, 10-20m more off the tee. Next day at home using the Optiforce and Big Bertha I had the same result. Then I switched shafts, the Optiforce gained a couple of extra metres and the Big Bertha was on the same length. Fact is the Big Bertha Clubhead with a stiffer shaft has a 10-20m lead over the Optiforce. This is all from my practise with the Dreamswing and establishing a consistent swing. Technology from the manufacturer supplies the equipment and that is in line with my capability. Four or even three years ago this would have been a total waste of resources to use a Big Bertha. This may be the antithesis of what equipment manufacturers want said. Here it is, if you are an 20 plus golfer and improving don't upgrade equipment. Do the golfing practise. I have purchased many golf sets and woods etc in the past but b\never the lats\est best thing. I have got a feel for many different club types. I have a reliable swing developed and established. I have bought two the top of the line equipment in the past four months because I am good enough to use it well. Winning is the proof, Penola Open A Grade Nett is the most recent major win. Caddie Challenge last 20 round @ $10 per round $200 = $347 in Vouchers. Get the game right through practise and then get the equipment and win. Thankyou for your time and attention , Geoff