Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Masters Games 2014 gold and silver...

Satisfaction was high after the two days at the Masters Games.To actually score so well amid the rest of the field as well added to the buzz. It was not easy and I busted my brain on day two yet still hung in there to end up with a win in the Nett and a runner up Gross in my section. This week back into the real world and on to the next golf round, playing in the annual Robe V Beachport challenge which is a lot of fun and just like last weekend the added bonus is playing with other golfers not the same faces each week. Would like to play the Penola Open as well but it is on the same day and i will not be too popular if I miss the intra club event. Have been putting in some range and course time with the new irons adjusting to the added distance and sweet feel they have on impact. Then of course chipping and putting practise the key to my success last week was a good reliable short game. My tee shots were mostly very good and on day two I did falter a little. Tried to keep on target though and not make any rash changes mid round even though I had a suspicion what was the problem. Since confirmed the cause and I was correct. In competition I have a tendency to get overly aggressive off the tee and this brings in accuracy faults.Very bad in fact and this adds no distance whatsoever only making balls fly off target. No problem now after checking this myself and made a mental note NOT TO GO HULK on the tee block. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit the ball Find the Ball, Hit the Ball Again , Geoff

Friday, April 04, 2014

New Clubs Callaway Optiforce and Powerbilt

Friday 4/4/14 The practise routine was given a bit of a ramp up yesterday. The new irons arrived in the post and I have adjusted my bag to a Driver, 3 w, 2,3,4, Hybrids and 5-PW, 56* Wedge and Putter. The new irons are Powerbilt Airforce one's with regular flex shafts. Tried them out at Drummond Golf a few weeks back as I have the AF1 Driver and was interested. Liked the feel and they are light and give me a little more touch than the stiff flex Cobra S3 irons. Since my 8 week lay off in January and February due to injury. I purchased a new Driver last weekend Callaway Optiforce 10.5* reg flex (5.5)
Also a new set of Powerbilt Airforce One irons #3 and #4 are the Nitrogen filled version and I have retained my Burner TM clones in their place for theminute.
Previously I have been using #5 AND #6 Hybrid as well in the bag but I do find the irons wit ha regular flex are a little more versatile. Hence I will play this weekend with then instead of the hybrids. It will be a slight distance loss using irons but that is not a major problem. The New driver was a revelation, was simply warming up at Bordertown and our club prow as there doing a demo and he came over an offered me this club to try. Given he has been a great coach for my golfing and knows my golfing style well enough he has dialed this stick in perfectly. Ten hits and ten straight easy shots later I have a new driver. Lost some distance from the previous Powerbilt Airforce one driver but that is well worth the sacrifice for accuracy. This driver feels sensational and is a delight to hold and swing. This week I have been working with it and there is some extra distance in the club for me as well. That is secondary at the minute and can be developed la er in the month. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit the ball Find the Ball, Hit the Ball Again , Geoff

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Bordertown Open 2014...

Been a few days since returning from playing the Bordertown Open and happy with the recovery and the experience. Much better start than the first two attempts there. The first day was satisfying with an 83 Gross and 70 nett. Day two was good from the start, was in a new group and one of my playing partners from the first day was in it also. At the end of the day he noted that my short game was the biggest difference from day one. Apart from that I played well and up to the point when I had 6 holes left to play was battling along well enough. Took 3 shots to get out of a bunker and a six on a par three resulted even then was not too bothered, still only two over my handicap for the nine at that stage. An 11 on the next killed me off, Brain fade on the tee, ball in the bush then four to get back on the fairway of a 500 metre par 5 with 300 metres still to go I was finished. Not disappointing to hit the wall overly much it was trying in the heat for me at least. Yet that was not the reason for falling out of contention. The fault was all mine poor chipping to the pin and once again mental lapses in concentration. This is not a game breaker, more so another exciting part of why I relish playing golf so much. This facet of golf is something I have been aware of yet was secondary in these past five years. Learning to hit the ball to start then become consistent as well as get the right equipment, followed with improving physical fitness had the priority. Mental focus and concentration is now able to come to the forefront of my golfing practise. The coming weekend I am sure to be better prepared for the Masters Game two day event after the experience at Bordertown. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit the ball Find the Ball, Hit the Ball Again. Geoff

Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Single digit handicap goal...

My efforts up to date, this year have been under harder review than previous seasons. The failure in 2013 due to injury was very frustrating, it did take me some time to realise the problem was less my golf game and more my physical condition. So far this season I have backed off on intense practise and changed my physical rehab program as well as adding a serious dieting program for weight loss. Definitely feeling better and the injury problems are on the improve as well. The proving ground is on course and the practise range and this week has been markedly improved. Perhaps this year I have finally got the complexity of golfing understood as it applies to an individual's capability. I have always been optimistic on improving and barreled along without getting lost in trying to understand the varied influences on a golfers game. That happy ignorance has helped in a small way as I used that time to become aware of golf from playing reading and learning all this time. I always enjoyed sitting down and reviewing all that information which has been documented in 3-4 years of doing my "Playing the Game" posts. The many "Eureka" moments of finally understanding a game facet or mastering a clubs use as a whole has been the journey so far. Thank you for your time and attention, Hit the ball, find the ball, Hit it again, Geoff