Thursday, February 04, 2016

Season 2016 starting well...

Game day and in this Australian summer watching the rain fall at 7am then abate to an overcast breezy day was no distraction. I just wanted to get out and play some competition Golf. Managed to get some chipping practise in the back yard and no time for a warm up with any long clubs. A few putts on the practice green and it was game time. End result was 39 Stableford points and 75 off the stick. The score was good make no doubt about that. A few errors that would have destroyed the card on the nearby course at Kingston. Which is irrelevant to what actually happened, my pleasure of doing well is not being influenced with optimistic delusion. All I took out of the day was once again the fitness training and practising as little as is being done is setting up my golf to achieve the targets of season 2016. The distractions of the requirements to run a business and live in the real world and maintain the harmony to include a golfing commitment is a major consideration. I have always been aware of that not only from my own position but from socialising with and observations of other golfers. It is a major requirement to be a success as a golfer and for average players like me it takes a lot more effort.
Managed to play at Kingston SE on Saturday the 9th in the club par round. My first hit over 18 holes for season 2016 was a success. Finished in 2nd place with a +2 score. Faltered on the last two holes and missed out on a +5 score. No complaints for me this has been the first time in two years I have been able to play competitive golf before mid February. All thanks to the last seven seasons of getting fitter and doing the exercising along the way. Now the first three months of a six month gym program have been completed and the set up for season 2016 is well in advance of any previous time. Not doing much range work at all instead choosing to enjoy playing golf and the gym routines as a package. Playing 6-9 holes first thing in the morning two to three days a week and working on the golf technique and game without the bucket of balls approach. Getting in some chipping and putting is all that is being done with any hint of practising. Thank you for your time and attention. The preparations are all going well for my annual Southern Ports Golf Week tournament. Three rounds in the week at three clubs. Aiming for a better finish than fourth place in A Grade 2015. The challenge of playing three stroke rounds and maintaining the consistency, concentration and winning is great fun. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Thursday, November 19, 2015

BAck on the winners list...

Last weekend was the first serious golf round I have played since starting the gym training and I won the Stroke round competition on the day with a nett 66 (78 0ff the stick) It was a very trying day on the course with a strong wind. It has been a period of moderation for my golfing since playing the championship series. Not through lack of desire, more so using the knowledge of the past five seasons. Knowing that my body needs a rest from the effort put into competition since February, it was time to play and practise less. The new Championship Trophy has joined the family, 2009 and back to back 2014 and 2015.
There has not been a lessening of effort, with now having spent four week in the gym beginning a specific golf orientated training routine for the next 12 months.This has been a gradual realisation of being able to do this. The past two years especially have had more fitness activity included as part of my golf practise. Remarkable to feel the effects of four weeks of light gym work influence my game so effectively. The wind is a major aspect of my home track. The training over the past seasons has not been about increasing strength, it has been to improve my stamina to be able to hit the ball consistently and not play bad strokes through tiredness. In two weeks is our club open and I am looking forward to one more hurrah for the year of golfing. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Monday, September 28, 2015

Back to back Handicap Championship defence...

Golfing is at a very comfortable level for me at the minute.This weekend I won the Handicap Championship semi final and that has me through to the final play-off for the championship in a couple of weeks. It is a repeat of last season with the same opponent except his handicap is a lot less that a year ago. To win on Sunday had me play at my best capability to win 2 up with 1 to play after giving 16 strokes to the opponent. Scoring a 77 off the stick and playing to an 8 handicap which is my best score reached a few times in the past season. Very satisfied with the win and that I can play to an 8 handicap every 4-6 weeks. The improvement in my game is supported with fitness. Currently 3 kg in weight lost and another 5 kg to go at the minute. There are still moments of frustration that pass as always. The continued effort to improve at golf is a major benefit to my life in general. There is no way I could maintain the motivation for fitness and improving my physical being with out the outlet of playing golf. Thank you for your time and attention Geoff

Monday, September 14, 2015

Winning score and long drives at last...

The recent break has refreshed my golf on both physical and mental levels. The improved weather has been a major assistance in playing better also. the last weeks I played it was a battle against the elements, then the effort needed to hit the ball being added.
The weekend past almost by accident without any dedicated decision to make it happen another improvement settled into my game. Every now and then I would take a full back-swing in practise and never in any serious mind set to add to my golf. This was a definite no go area for me mentally and physically to ensure no more damage or pain added to long term injury. My ongoing conversation about training and improving fitness revolves around improving my health from an accident many years ago. The golf is an added bonus which benefits from the effort and is also a sensational benchmark. It has been obvious for some time that my flexibility, movement and strength in all the right places has been improved. During Saturday's round I was hitting the ball well, having fun and enjoying the fine weather. As the day progressed it became obvious that my drives were only 2-3 metres behind one of the big hitting playing partners. Whilst it was noticed my mind was on the game being played and not one aspect. Until the last hole a par 5 and we were desperate for units. I deliberately got up to hit a bomb on the tee. Which I did, still not good enough to win the unit, the big hitting was noticed by the rest of the group and that was the reason I took particular note of it. Sunday's round I did set out with the full knowledge that on the tee I was going to be taking the bigger back swing all day. Even now it is a surprise that is sinking in that I did it all day with accuracy and consistent long distance. What really hit home was how easy it felt, effortless in fact. The ball just flew so much further with out any noticeable addition on my behalf. To be able to espouse satisfaction and enjoyment at the observation of a game improvement is one thing. To have played and won on the day is what give it credence.I relied upon my ability on the day to play consistent and winning golf. Thank you for your time and attention Geoff