Friday, December 21, 2012

Woops Apocalypse....

Friday 21/12/12  "Debate has raged about exactly when doomsday will strike. has melded science and superstition to bring you the exact time.
Apocalypses are notoriously tricky things, given that so far they have a 100 per cent fail rate..."

In the meantime with 11 or so hours until the lights go out I am sticking to my less is more golf approach. This has been the key to my improvement and recovery from the rigours of the 2012 season. Harnessed with the equipment in my bag, the complete hybrid set has been a significant aid to my game. So with some fitness including major weight loss of 8-9 kg add to these and of course the coaching and associated practise of the 2012 season my game is at it's best state ever at the minute. As the preceding details show it is not one thing but several combined that have brought me to this point in my golf.

Nor is it just words the results of three second place finishes in the last three weeks competition including the Division 1 Nett at the Kingston Open last week. Yes there is some pride in the results gleaned from the effort. It still surprises me at the reaction of some golfers to winners who do not spout false modesty when having success. Water off a duck's back to me the slights and to be honest poor sportsmanship of some losers in golf clubs. I will go as far to say that this facet of club golfing is also an influence on the failure of some clubs to progress into having growth in people joining these clubs.

Yesterday I had a very light range session 40 balls 20 with the #5 hybrid, 10 each with the #3 Metal and Driver. Nothing more than a technique practise session, hitting balls with measured effort. Concentration directed at making certain the stance, grip, swing and set up were being as well as possible and establishing consistency. Then off to the putting green to do the same with setting up for the all important finish to every hole. Thankyou for your time and attention, "Hit 'em straight all"