Sunday, December 30, 2012

Final Golf Range session 2012

It was hard work just to get a decent basic swing established in my game. The consistency which is the key to playing good golf is not something which just happens. The practise which all competent golfers do is what gives them the game that delivers winning results.

My resume' was highlighted with poor fitness plus physical disabilities and that was before I picked up a club and tried to hit a ball when returning to the game in 2009.
Season 2012 was when the coaching sessions finally achieved the results needed. It has taken 3 seasons to establish a credible swing that could actually be used to develop a swing from which is closer to the expected standard required to play consistent golf.

These obstacles have all been significantly improved upon since then as a handicap fluctuating between 12-13 shows.
I will continue to push myself again in 2013 and this time as with every other season have a better place to begin from again. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight"

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playing better than last week...

Saturday 29/12/12 The clock is ticking towards the end of the golfing year and sitting back reflecting on the past has to be done. Started out with my usual confidence and ambition to play my best and did so at times. Other rounds were terrible and the goals set were not reached when it came to making a single digit handicap.

Highlight of the season was the 78 off the stick and breaking 80 for the first time in a competition. Having to do it in the penultimate round to win a seasonal club trophy and in rain and wind was very satisfying. Played in many regional opens and was in the trick shot winning brigade often enough. A Grade or Division One success was beyond my ability in these open fields. There is always a learning experience with golfing and this year was realising that all the practise I have done so far has been good enough to give my game a base.

The past few weeks has been the best I have hit the ball ever.
"Nor is it just words the results of three second place finishes in the last three weeks competition including the Division 1 Nett at the Kingston Open last week. Yes there is some pride in the results gleaned from the effort. It still surprises me at the reaction of some golfers to winners who do not spout false modesty when having success. Water off a duck’s back to me the slights and to be honest poor sportsmanship of some losers in golf clubs. I will go as far to say that this facet of club golfing is also an influence on the failure of some clubs to progress into having growth in people joining these clubs.
Yesterday I had a very light range session 40 balls 20 with the #5 hybrid, 10 each with the #3 Metal and Driver. Nothing more than a technique practise session, hitting balls with measured effort. Concentration directed at making certain the stance, grip, swing and set up were being as well as possible and establishing consistency. Then off to the putting green to do the same with setting up for the all important finish to every hole."

A combination of equipment, using the full hybrid set has bee a major assistance. Fitness, with the weight loss and specific cable stretching exercise program that I have began adding stamina and consistency in being able to play the same shots regularly. Lastly but by no means least is the coaching program that I followed this year has got my game to the position where I do the right things to hit the ball and know what it is I am doing.
This summer I will be too busy working to play competition golf in January with any regularity. Which is going to be used to good stead.

 Continuing the less is more approach has worked very well in my recovery from the season injuries. This time it is being used to commit to practise and more practise with the cable pulling exercise program being followed rigorously to prepare for the 2013 Southern Ports Golf Tournament. My fourth crack at this. Again will be playing as many open tournaments as possible and travelling a lot wider a field so don;t be surprised to see your own clubs mentioned in these pages. Have a great 2013 all. Thankyou for your time and attention.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Woops Apocalypse....

Friday 21/12/12  "Debate has raged about exactly when doomsday will strike. has melded science and superstition to bring you the exact time.
Apocalypses are notoriously tricky things, given that so far they have a 100 per cent fail rate..."

In the meantime with 11 or so hours until the lights go out I am sticking to my less is more golf approach. This has been the key to my improvement and recovery from the rigours of the 2012 season. Harnessed with the equipment in my bag, the complete hybrid set has been a significant aid to my game. So with some fitness including major weight loss of 8-9 kg add to these and of course the coaching and associated practise of the 2012 season my game is at it's best state ever at the minute. As the preceding details show it is not one thing but several combined that have brought me to this point in my golf.

Nor is it just words the results of three second place finishes in the last three weeks competition including the Division 1 Nett at the Kingston Open last week. Yes there is some pride in the results gleaned from the effort. It still surprises me at the reaction of some golfers to winners who do not spout false modesty when having success. Water off a duck's back to me the slights and to be honest poor sportsmanship of some losers in golf clubs. I will go as far to say that this facet of club golfing is also an influence on the failure of some clubs to progress into having growth in people joining these clubs.

Yesterday I had a very light range session 40 balls 20 with the #5 hybrid, 10 each with the #3 Metal and Driver. Nothing more than a technique practise session, hitting balls with measured effort. Concentration directed at making certain the stance, grip, swing and set up were being as well as possible and establishing consistency. Then off to the putting green to do the same with setting up for the all important finish to every hole. Thankyou for your time and attention, "Hit 'em straight all"


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Second place in Kingston SE Open..

18/12/12 Tuesday A very satisfying result in the Kingston Summer Open on Saturday. The results from practise and playing preparation over the past month delivered a second place finish in Division 1 (14 Hcp or less) Nett result 83 gross and a nett 69. Did not as the saying goes, "leave any shots out on the course". Played as well as I could on the day and this is my third second place finish in my last three competition rounds.

Consistent hits on the fairways and getting greens in regulation all contributed to the ease of the round. The short game chipping and putting is more affected by carrying some residual back stiffness, not from lack of ability to play better shots. I am choosing to make a note of this affecting my game as a reminder for the future. It is time that I have to make a specific effort to not accept playing with this restriction. I will delay taking action until after January as I will be no longer doing the 5.30 am starts on weekends to deliver newspapers from the 24th of December. I want to ascertain that this early morning drive around and throwing papers is not the major cause of this restriction.

As relaxed as I am this has been noted and a mental note of not letting this affect my coming season game attitude. Off the tee and on the fairway my game was strongest. Short game with chipping and putting are still the weaker links. Nothing that practise will not improve and patience a usual is a virtue. It has not only been actions which has assisted in the recent results. The playing for fun and enjoying the rounds has been a major influence in recovery from the 2012 season.
Thank you for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”

Friday, December 14, 2012

Learning to play golf with added distance...

Friday 14/12/12. Yesterday as I ambled around the Kingston course smacking the little white ball without the game brain on it was possible to experiment. As my chosen game is one of minimal risk and playing the shots which have the least opportunity to fail, these social rounds are where I test my capability.

Coming to grips with the added distance and what changes it initiates in my rounds is going to take several social rounds yet. Kingston is a course with several doglegs and with trees 3 to 5 metres on the corners it is possible to take the short cut. Going across the corner is the shot which was not considered by me previously. Yesterday was a day when I tested the limit to see if these shots could be played and have a high percentage of success.
What is the first thing noticed about the improved distance is the lack of effort required in playing the stroke. The improvement is all from the technique that has been developed from the coaching and practise over the past two seasons. To get to the end of the story is to say, yes, I can 'cut the corners' and do it easily. Mentally though this is now an accepted reality and that is as important as being physically able to play the shots as well.

On two holes in particular the new game was made especially apparent. The first is a 193 metre par 3 a hole which is a stretch for me club wise as I carry a #2 iron and a #3 hybrid and not a fairway wood. 200m though is a distance I play with the second 400cc (10 degree) driver in my bag yesterday I did not try hard and was still too long. Should have had a crack with the 2 iron or 3 hybrid but was not too fussed with being long and can negotiate this distance well enough. The second hole is a 325 m dogleg right par 4 and I generally play to the left side and finish at 80-100m from the green. Yesterday though I cut the corner into a breezy cross wind. The ball finished 60 metes from the green. A big 20 to 40m advantage gained for me in going to the green with the next shot. 

The next hole was the 358 m 9th hole and I continued with the trialling my capability off the tee. This time with a definite aggressive mindset. This was opposed to my usual, find a reachable target on the fairway and place the ball as close to it as possible. The green is visible at the end of a straight fairway and all I did was aim to the right of the green and hit. Finished 125 metres out hitting into the gusty breeze which had picked up as the round progressed.
Now it is back to the putting green for the next day. Practising on getting the ball into the hole with a much improved return.

Thursday 13/12/12 A busy week yet I have managed to maintain a consistent  level of practise following the weekend. Was a runner up in the competition on Sunday and happy with a second place.  Especially happy with the distance off the tee and accuracy. This was a flow on from results on the range last week. By happen stance was in a group with two single digit handicappers who are noted big hitters. In no way did I chase them off the tee it was a head down have fun day of golf and concentrate on hitting the ball and consistency.

As the round progressed it was obvious that off the tee my shots were not much off the distance and 10-20 metres behind big hitting golfers is in the 230 - 250 metre range. Not my usual distance that is reached with ease or consistently at all. The last 3 holes though I was in the rythym and genuinely began to chase the drives and yes I did match them off the tee. Still in my taking it easy golf period consolidating my game in preparation for 2013. This weekend though is the Kingston Summer open and I went for a drive played nine holes just for a hit out. Putting and short game is still a bit ratty. Not sure what this is caused by 100%. Have a suspicion that it is not technical but mental and not having a red hot go at the task when on the green.

Hence I am about to go out and get on the practise green again in 10 minutes.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Finally a consistent swing...

Saturday 8/12/12 So much for second last day of paper run! The changeover has been  delayed again and I have agreed to keep on doing it until the 23rd of December. Not the hardest job in the world but it interferes with my golf too often. Would much rather be playing in the Golf Challenge on the 9th in Adelaide than here delivering papers. The weather may be better but I really like playing golf on other courses and in competition.

Still buzzing over yesterdays range results and looking forward to getting out and emulating them again later today. The real proof is doing it the second, third, time etc. A consistent swing is the key to playing better golf and that has been the major development on the golf journey so far.
There is another aspect which was again in evidence yesterday that was particularly noticed. I am able to work the ball not a lot but consistently enough to be able to see this as another inclusion in my golf game. It is still a surprised golfer who is sitting here and revealing that I can do the things within my limits that is accepted as a given among the better golfers.
Been up for 4 hours and have been out and hit another 50 balls on the range to follow up from yesterdays revelation. Still got the 'new'swing and all the benefits which being able to completely hit through the ball. In fact it was a harder practise session, this time hitting into a strong breeze and still getting good results. In the past two days I have hit 100 ball which is most likely how many I hit all up in November on the range. The 'Less is More' recovery plan is not laziness it is about improvement and that has me very pleased at the minute.

No longer is there any concern about my swing every shot has been simplified. I know that it is a complete smooth operation that I can now do. Not having to focus on as many actions through the swing increases effective shot's and mental comfort. Already the Driver problems of late are being improved on with having to concern myself with one less swing facet.In fact today was particularly interesting with the accuracy, effort and distance using the big stick.
Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all"

Friday, December 07, 2012

Woops... Apocalypse again!

Okay just to be sure we are aware that the Mayan's whose calendar  predicts the 'end of the world' in December, kinda forgot to predict the end of their own civilisation. It never hurts to be prepared. As golfers we all know what this means... TIME TO GET OUT AND BUY BUCKET LOADS OF NEW GOLF STUFF.
Let the rest of the death and glory brigade party, pray and panic. We are golfers the new driver you want...Get It Now! New Clubs Get 'em NOW!  Play golf 7 days a week Do It Now" January is going to be to late.
" With">">With the End Of Times fast approaching, we thought you would want to know what it all means. So here's our handy guide to the apocalypse.

WHAT? Whaddya mean the world's ending?
That's the theory. Some people believe that because an ancient Mayan calendar runs out on December 21, the world will end on that date. Others (including the Mayans) believe that it just means the beginning of the next cycle. Sort of like how you get a new calendar for each year.
What sort of calendar is this?
No nudie ladies or cute puppies in this one. It's a mathematical system with shorter counts and the ‘Long Count', which is the crucial bit for our purposes. The Long Count measures the ‘Great Cycle' that began on August 11, 3114, the day of Creation. The Long Count cycle lasts about 5,200 years, so the ‘Great Cycle' it measures is about to run out.
Then what happens?
Gather round, kids, this is where it gets interesting. The planet Nibiru, whose existence is denied by astronomers but wildly affirmed by all manner of nutbags, was meant to hit Earth in 2003. One theory was that Nibiru (or ‘Planet X', which is astronomers' name for any yet-to-be-named planet) would be carrying aliens often called ‘ancient astronauts' who are believed to have kickstarted civilisation on Earth, and who were now popping back for a catch up and a nice cup of tea.
When 2003 passed without contact, the date of the impending Nibiru arrival was re-calculated to tie in with the Long Count calendar finishing.
THEN what?
Maybe Nibiru will destroy Earth. Maybe not.
If you believe the film 2012 we'll see a global cataclysm in which John Cusack is a hero, giant waves swamp the Sydney Opera House and molten lava spurts through the crust of the Earth. While the story line of that film is eminently believable, there are other theories.
Some hippies think there'll be a global spiritual transformation. Some people think there'll be a worldwide “blackout” until Christmas.
Maybe we'll be smashed up by a meteor (or Nibiru) or the planets will align in a way that destroys Earth, or Earth's poles will reverse, causing devastation. Or there'll be a supernova or superstorm or superenormous solar flare. Or black hole.
Or zombies. There could be zombies.
Or nothing will happen.
Are you serious?
Seriously, people think that. Seriously. There have been many predictions of apocalypse in the past, and their strike rate isn't great. Still, some people are serious.
What should I do?
Don't panic. But then, we would say that, wouldn't we? Party like there's no tomorrow, tell your partner/parents/friends/crush that you love them. Read more about the 2012 apocalypse on the NASA site. Wear clean underwear. Do all the stuff you should do anyway.Read more: "
By The way if the Mayans got it wrong there is another end of the world predicted in 2030. By then us golfers will have paid off the spending frenzy and ready for a new one.
Personally I believe the end of the world will happen just before the siren goes as a Saint Kilda Player kicks a goal to win their second premiership!

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"Tour Confidential" a PGA autobiography by Ewan Porter

Working my way through "Tour Confidential" and enjoying the read I find that Ewan has written his book in some way typical of Australian author Matthew Reilly’s writing style. From the first sentence Ewan reveals himself, it is a autobiography after all. You won't find great prose or deep character analysis. The pacing, action, settings, and storytelling are frenetic compared to the Older generation of golfer Biographies churned out. I enjoy Porter's enthusiasm, not holding back from telling the misadventures revealing his ignorance, naivety, desire to be the best, motivations and reality of the ups and downs of having a crack at a Professional Golf Career. Without the carefully edited and manufactured, read gently and not tread on any toes style of past golf player books read.

In some ways this book is reminiscent of "Wilt: Just Like Any Other 7-foot Black Millionaire Who Lives Next Door", an autobiography by Wilt Chamberlain that served as his first venture into writing. That book painted a picture of the NBA that few had seen before, as it was one of the first accounts told specifically by a player from the league. It was one of the first sport biographies I read. As a benchmark to follow "Tour Confidential" is a book that Ewan Porter does not cover up his faults. If you want to learn then knowledge is invaluable and this book passes on gold.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Winning score at last...

2/12/12 Sunday Three weeks between posts most likely the longest break for me yet still golfing. Sticking ith the fun aspect of the game in the 'less is more' approach to the end of 2012. Recovered fully from the various injuries now and have played a few Ambrose and club competitions in the recovery period. With some basic practise sessions tuning a few game aspects. there is also the club involvement. One more year on committee was got out of me by the president and that has started with a bang at the AGM and firing up a few with a motion to change the constitution.

Had the numbers and won the vote, yet there was dissent on over the procedure and listing in the agenda so in the interest of club harmony let the motion lapse and will call a special general meeting after the new year. This is a good thing as the older members were not expecting this to have support now they know their way is not the majorities choice. Showed that the club is split significantly on the future view and operation and this is not going to go away now a vote has been taken.

Yesterday played Kingston and the form returned with 37 points 85 gross with 32 putts including one 4 putt and three 3 putts. Not even bothered with that it was expected. The rest of my game is really on song and still keeping my game preparation at a minimal level and resting up. An open on the 15th is in the schedule and that is being used as focus to get my putting under 30 a round. Thankyou for your time and attention
Hit'em straight all

Friday, November 16, 2012

Australia's national poet Adam Lindsay Gordon

Australia's national Poet Adam Lindsay Gordon available on iTunes and Amazon music downloads
The touring show on Australia's national poet has been recorded in studio now and with the added special effects of the production crew  is a very entertaining listen.

Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833-70), Australia's acclaimed national poet was many things in his time.  A mounted trooper, champion jockey, horse breaker and Member of Parliament.  He was the first to capture Australia and her people in the words of poetry, paving the way for Banjo Paterson, Henry Lawson and William Ogilvie to create poetry that was uniquely Australian.  In his travels, he lived in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia - no mean feat at a time when travel was on horseback or by sailing ship, and his words spread by word of mouth across the nation.


Gordon's English military instructor:

"...idle and reckless, but I never heard of him doing a dishonourable action".

"Adam Lindsay Gordon has left Australia a sterling, manly ideal for its manhood and its poetry, and it could not have had a more robust master".
—John Masefield, Poet Laureate

"Gordon was a fine poet and a fine sportsman, and it is curious that in a sporting nation like ours his great merits have not been more generally recognised".
—Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of 'Sherlock Holmes'

"Gordon knew both pleasures and trials. He not only experienced them, but was inspired by them, and set them down in matchless poetry, and left to Australia a great literary legacy. Gordon's poems rang with sincerity".
—Sir Stanley Argyle, Premier of Victoria

"Gordon is one of the finest poetic singers the English race has ever known".
—Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, novelist, poet and author

"...he was the poet of the horse.  No other poet ever understood horses so well.  He made the live in his poems.  The rhythm in his poems was the rhythm of riding.  But they contained also such lofty philosophy of manhood as only such a hero could have penned".
Douglas Sladen, biographer

Marcus Clarke, author of For the Term of his Natural Life:

"The poems of Gordon have an interest beyond the mere personal one which his friends attach to his name. Written as they were, at odd times and leisure moments of a stirring and adventurous life, it is not to be wondered if they are unequal or unfinished. The astonishment of those who knew the man, and can gauge the capacity of this city to foster poetic instinct, is, that such work was ever produced here at all".

H M Green, reviewing Gordon's poetry:

"We read Gordon, not for his fine phrases, but for the directness of some cry, and above all for the breadth and effectiveness of any utterance taken as a whole. And we read him because even if we ourselves are not hunters, sportsmen, soldiers, adventurers he uncovers some underlying stratum of such men in us, opening up to us the road of adventure and blowing over it the wind of romance".

John Riddoch, confidant-in-chief:

"...a moody unsociable man when his poetic fit was on -- a great smoker. Often on arriving at the house he would go away into the bush and fend for himself rather than face company inside".

John Riddoch (presumably):

 This comes from 1869 when Gordon accepted an invitation to visit his friends the Riddochs, at Yallum:
"On his previous visit he had taken a whimsical fancy to a gnarled old gum tree that stood in a sunny paddock a few hundred yards from the house. After breakfast he used to climb it, and sit in a natural armchair upon a crooked limb. There he would fill and smoke successive bowls of his clay pipe, and those who were curious might see him from time to time jot down lines in pencil on paper spread upon the branch, or sometimes on his hat. He never had any thought upon the time, and when meals came round he generally had to be specially summoned, whereupon he would slide down the trunk and apologize for causing delay".

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Home Club Open this weekend...

10/11/12 Saturday. A good week of golfing fun finally getting out to practise without interruptions.The cross us amateur golfers bear is that we have to let golf be second more often than not to our regular living. In my example the need to have less time golfing is not that much of an irritant. The balm being that my golf has improved a lot since 2009. The 'less is more' as an ethos to recover from the injury flare-up in August has been maintained in line with not having to practice as much to play reasonable golf.

Fluctuating between a 12 to 14 handicap in the 2012 season whilst playing to a 6 handicap in my best competition round in review has me satisfied at the minute. Did not manage to reach my goal of a ten Handicap in 2012. it was always a big ask given the combination of ability, fitness and other commitments.

Already my fitness has been improved with reducing my weight by 8kg in the past three months and well on target for losing 10-15 kg in total by January 2013. The past month while gradually playing more golf again has been highlighted by the noticeable difference of being 8 kg lighter.

This week concentrating on putting has been the main goal, closely followed with range time with the #3 to #6 Hybrids. Hitting them well enough yet have had too many shots that hook to the left. This has a major affect in lessening the greens reached in regulation. I need that to improve to improve my handicap. It is not a major fault that needs correction as it is caused by the adjusting to being able to rotate my hips when swinging. This was almost impossible in 2009 when i returned to the game. This is a significant physical ability change, I lapse into the previous restricted body movement pattern unconsciously still and this causes the ball to draw to the left a lot at times. 

All is good though and with the club open tomorrow I am still considering if playing Kingston today is going to happen or instead play socially on the home track. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all."

Monday, November 05, 2012

Back in the winners circle...

5/11/12 Monday. It has taken a few weeks and little good fortune but at last I have returned to the winners list. This weekend took the extra step and played twice in competition Saturday at Kingston SE Stroke round for a Gross 89 for a Nett77 (12hcp) with 33 putts. With a sub 80 gross score dropping off my handicap went out to 14 for the Sunday round.


Nothing spectacular playing wise plugged along steady steady had a few chances for birdie along the way, still with a poor putting result 34 in total for the round. A Gross 85 off the stick this time a Nett 71 and my handicap has dropped back to 13 which has been the median number for 2012.


Off the tee I was in some very good form as the round wore on. Fairway and short game play was all effective and the combination of hybrids and irons has proven itself. In good physical condition and this will be the set up for the better physical condition golfing. At the minute it's very different with summer replacing the winter tough as granite playing conditions. The all hybrid set will be a valuable option in the midst of the winter weather season also.


This week a Bowen Therapy tune up on Wednesday is booked. This will release the stiffness that playing twice in two day has brought on. After which apart from some dedicated putting practise nothing else is going to be added to the preparation for the Club Open on Sunday 11.11.12. Having played myself into some winning form after a month itis going to be a big ask to get a win in theOpen but will be having a red hot go at the A grade handicap section. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


Thursday, November 01, 2012

Better golf with better equipment...

1/11/12 Thursday. Continuing the equipment experiment yesterday and today has seen a few changes in the clubs now in the bag. Making allowances for my ability has been enhanced with the technological advances in club development. There is such a wide variety of game improvement clubs that golfers can access to provide game stability.

This has seen me since returning to the game use cavity back, Shark irons, Bridgestone j33 and j36 combo sets, Titliest ap2 and  hybrids with a complete set from #3 to PW. This came about after another breakdown at the end of a season and physically restricted from playing my best golf. In the past two months using the hybrid set my golf has improved and I am back to playing to or near handicap.

Now with the improved physical condition and weather as summer nears I have had a few social hits with the ap2 irons. After this experience during the week the bag set up is #3 to #6 hybrids and #7 to PW, SW irons. So far the difference is with improved short game distance, maintaining the accuracy of past weeks with all hybrids. What is noticeable is the improved 'feel' of the iron compared to the softer feel of the hybrids.

Some time to go with this development yet the idea is to have the option of two set ups that are compatible with my physical limitations. As I have commented recently my golf is not about making big improvement or changes now. It is fine tuning and building on the good golfing base that been established with coaching and practise. It is not one thing that improves my golf it is a complete package from tee shots, fairways, short game, putting and mental approach. Thankyou for your time and attention. ‘Hit ‘em straight all’

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Irons and Hybrids a choice of sets

31/10.12 Wednesday Arriving home yesterday I had some time to take a walk around the course after catching up with the various work and domestic tasks. Daylight saving is a good thing in that respect for a golfer who has to do a real job as well. It was a hot day and intending more to get out for the walk than practise anything specific took the irons instead of the playing set of hybrids. It has been a long time since any serious attempt to use the irons and the first hole was very ragged. Then it was with some amazement I began smacking the ball well with a birdie, bogie, bogie, par, par finish. This took a bit more effort than using the hybrid set yet the power and strength of the shots was not muted as it is with the game improvement sticks. The experience has inspired me to get out and have another hit with the irons again today. Not overlooking that the recovery from the past seasons golfing has made a marked difference to my capability with the irons though. Whist the complete hybrid set has been in my hands during this period of recuperation and I have been playing to handicap (12/13) or close to it in this period. The irons have been in my hands when playing my best golf earlier in the season so perhaps I can alternate between the two sets as part of my tournament preparations. Once again golf has delivered another interesting experiment for me to ponder and enact. I can see this as a continuing the less is more attitude and having some fun as well on the course. I am beginning to formulate a playing experiment with the two set and see if it can deliver good golf with less strain than the past season. Thankyou for your time and attention. ‘Hit ‘em straight all’ Geoff

Monday, October 29, 2012

Summer form improving still...

29/10/12 Monday Continuing with the less is more golfing approach. Having fun while playing and enjoying the reasonable form that is happening on the course. Kingston SE on Saturday a Par Round and -2 at the finish could have been better and dont care that is was not. With the improvement in my playing obvious to myself there is no need to get into 'winner' mode at the minute. The club open is coming up in a couple of weeks and as well as a work change that will make more golf possible in 6 weeks all is travelling as I want. In December I begin preparations for the Southern Ports Golf Tournament in march as well as has been done since 2010. This is what gets my game in tune and has been the core ofthe improvement from a 25+ handicap to the current 12. This season though it is going to be a lot less efort to prepare. I now have a reasonable golf game established and it is the fine tuning to be able to play single figure golf that is the practise goal. Thankyou for your time and attention. ‘Hit ‘em straight all’ Geoff

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ball goes forward a good thing...

26/10/12 Friday The past weekend of golfing delivered a return to form in my game. The Monthly Medal started off with a 9 on the par 5 first hole and ended with a 46 for the front nine and a 39 on the back a Gross 85, Nett 72 and played to my handicap on the day. The total of 29 putts was satisfactory and putting the 56 degree wedge in reserve with preference for using the pitching wedge in close was a good decision. Never been a 'pitch and run' golfer of any note and have been practising this aspect of the game a lot. It was not for lack of wanting to add this facet to my game. Lack of time to practice everything I want to develop has been a reason in the past. Fact is that these days I have less need to practice the basics as much and can work on game skills more often. I have never been in a rush to become better at the game and something that golfers realise eventually I believe is that patience is a much needed quality to play the game. On Sunday I took the trip to Penola fr the Championship Ambrose pairs competition. A fantastic day even without the golf for $30 the food alone makes it a good day let alone playing a round of golf included in the registration. Was a day when again the 56 degree wedge caused more damage than needed in the first 5 holes and after putting it away in preference to the Pitching Wedge it helped. Made up the double bogies to finish with a Nett 72. Well off the winning scores. Not disgraced at all and a lot of fun was had and that is as much a part of golfing as winning. Did win a raffle and two premium bottles of wine went into the booty bag for the day. Golf wise the day at Penola also delivered another game improvement result that has came from the latest bout of recuperating. The 2 Iron was very effective on those long second shots on par 5 holes. This club has a much more consistent accuracy standard than a fairway wood does in my hands. With summer drying out the fairways the added run has the conditions which benefit using the iron. Continued playing a moderate amount of golf this past week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with the good weather and a late afternoon 7 to 9 hole hit out. Still maintaining the less is more approach and enjoying golfing without practising a lot. Today I will play 9 holes in the club 'Chicken Run' and head to Kingston Saturday for their Par round. First chance to get away and play for a month due to various home club duties which come from being Bar Manager this season. Will be good to return to the general membership in 2013 and step back from committee. I must admit there is a twinge of guilt in stepping back officially yet I am still going to be actively involved in membership recruitment, junior development and competition and a lot of stirring to get the pot bubbling along to the future. Thankyou for your time and attention. 'Hit 'em straight all' Geoff

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Steady golf improvement...

18/10/12 Thursday. Back home after a week of travelling and looking forward to having a hit today. Did get out and play four holes after arriving home yesterday that was cut short with cart hire duties for green fee players. Must admit that this will not be missed after November when I go off committee, while still volunteering for other club duties will still be a commitment on my part if it is not Junior Golf or New Membership development I will not be stepping forward. There will be a modicum of guilt at reducing my club involvement but that will pass very quickly. The members have to be made to change the operations of various aspects of the Golf Club and as far as I can see it people continuing to cover the gaps is not fixing problems. Especially when it results in me playing less golf. At the minute my game is stable, not playing to handicap but only 2-3 strokes off it. Enjoying the fitness and improved mobility has me getting out on the course as much as possible. Stil not practising a lot though at the minute it is a pleasant meander with the current game and noting the game improvements from the 2012 season. There have been several that have all strengthened my game foundation. Not huge leaps of improvement but all steady small steps that combined are a leap and that is fantastic to realise and have achieved. Ambled around on Sunday and 34 points. Apart from a couple of errors on the first and the fifth holes played the round was without any major blemishes. The score is fact, what could have happened did not. So no what if's and maybes are applicable. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all." Geoff

Saturday, October 06, 2012

When the ball flies too far...

5/10/12 Friday. Out and enjoying the sunshine today in the afternoon 9 hole ‘Chicken Run’ Hitting the ball and having fun even as the greens are recovering from the coring on Monday there was a reasonable result given the social and experimental influences on the game play. Also playing off a 9 handicap in this comp. and not my official 13 hcp. with two wipes managed a credible 12 points. A couple of lost balls and a struggle with distance affected the scoring. The ball was travelling much further that expected off the tee and with the short irons. It was the shorter irons flying over the green or through them that had a lot of effect on scoring. Warm weather does enhance the travelled distance of the ball. Off the tee that is not so much a problem, having wedges and other irons getting 20 metres further than expected when going for the green is a problem that needs to be adjusted to quickly. Will be fun out on Sunday in th e18 hole comp. playing back into form in preparation for the home club open on the 11th of November. I lost 7Kg taking these African Mango + Advanced Colon Cleanser capsules 6/10/12 Saturday. A week of no weight loss and through no fault of the supplements. All was travelling along well enough diet wise until after Monday night, which included a night out to a restaurant dinner with wine and sweets included in the eating list. Unexpected social functions on Wednesday and Thursday night though had copious amounts of food and alcohol well in excess of what should be consumed be devoured in the party mode. Whilst this is a minor set back there is not the slightest concern. Being happy and celebrating birthdays and the company of family and friends far outweigh the goal of losing weight. The discipline has not been lessened and the diet supplements will still deliver the result in 3 weeks time. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

Monday, October 01, 2012

Played competition golf again...

1/10/12 Monday Good Grief it is true I do still play golf! Seems like forever since I have played a competition round and it is over a month since recovery from the injury flare up and getting knocked out of the championships. Finally bit the bullet and played Sunday and had a couple of goes at getting to the club, yes there was fear in my mind at playing again and doing myself an injury. Monthly Medal and finished with a 93 for a nett 80, the 26 putts won me the flat stick comp. on the day and apart from a 9 on the second hole was travelling very nicely. Until the 18th with an OB and into trees with the second off the tee and finished with an 8. Managed to claw back a decent score after the 9 and it was a driver fault from some lingering injury restrictions both times that caused the blow outs. This morning it was out to the club to do the Junior Coaching and then the bbq duties for the coring volunteers. A great day and it would have been fine to hit some balls but out of time at the finish of the day. Physically was feeling some stiffness that was noticeable yet not debilitating. The mental errors on the day were not that destructive or important to me even though they damaged the round. The most important part of the day was to front up and play and not be as crap as expected. My game has not fallen apart with less practise and play. Confidence has been given a big boost in getting on the course and playing the game again. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all' Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pre-Summer conditioning...

29/9/12 Saturday. Ready to go again, the recovery from the recent injury is stable. Doing something different this time if any other readers wish to drop between 3 to 8 kgs in the next month I have got extra diet supplements available.The weigh in total for me this morning is 103.5 kg. Diet Supplements available here make an offer...
Not to bad considering I have been very lethargic of late recovering from the injury definitely puts a stop to physical exercise. This is not a bad thing. Proves that using these diet supplements does work and once the weight is dropped it does not come back. My initial choice to try this to assist in weight loss was motivated in that I cannot maintain regular physical exercise because of permanent injuries. To have added a kilogram in the past month from being incapacitated was not part of my plan. It gave the impetus to take the supplements again and go for the target of lower than 100kg. If I reach 109kg that would be a ten kilogram plus weight loss since starting to take the supplements. Which is impressive considering it was a sensible and moderate not a rigorous diet and exercise program that got the weight off. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Friday, September 28, 2012

Steady improvement and recovery...

28/9/12 Still recuperating to an extent and playing minimum golf at the minute. Playing nine holes last Friday after a couple of days using the driving nets and a good hit out at Drummond golf driving range at West Beach. Yesterday playing 5 social holes and sticking with the changed attitude off the tee and even surprising myself and continuing to hit the ball with aggression on the fairway also. It was an erratic day when it came to accuracy but that was improving with every hit. What is particularly noticeable is that now swinging freely and hit through the ball and have the club finish behind me. This is still taking time to become accustomed too. It is a lot harder than it looks. After 20 plus years of protecting injury and not straining the various tender spots my body is much more supple and flexible after three golfing seasons. Making the step up to a full unrestricted swing took me 40 balls at the driving range two weeks ago. It is a little psychological battle in letting the swing bloom. This morning again there is a little stiffness around the ribcage but nothing that will be a major restriction. As long as there is no follow up today and I hit the ball in moderation for the next couple of weeks. There is a 27 hole tournament in two weeks that I will consider if my progress maintains this improving game development. Thankyou for your time and attention, Hit ‘em straight all. Geoff

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Want your own golf course...?

This is something that I have found out about through people I know and I am not a land agent either. All joking aside if any one does want to know more and has that dream or desire to own their own golf course and make a dollar from it get your contact details to me and I will get you in touch with John and Sue. Here is a bit of detail on the golf course and facilities. Up north on a Queensland Sunshine Coast location A 9-hole (Par 3) golf course spread over 7.7 hectares of lush bushland which also features: ■4 bedroom, 2 bath, study, living room and kitchen in a Mediterranean style dwelling ■2 outdoor function areas with licensed cafe and pro sho ■2 tennis courts, in-ground pool, storage shed, plus maintenance equipmen ■Only 15 minutes to beach It’s not often that a business and lifestyle opportunity like this becomes available…indeed, it’s only that the current owners, John and Sue, are ready to retire that they are finally looking to sell. This freehold 9 hole golf course is for developers, golf enthusiasts, business owners, people looking for semi-retirement, families and, of course those simply looking for an amazing lifestyle. The 7.7 hectare property contains a 9-hole Par 3 golf course, 2 all weather tennis courts, golf practice cage, in-ground swimming pool, large outdoor function areas, a well stocked golf shop and cafe with liquor licence. All buggies, shop stock, turf equipment and golf machinery are included. In addition to the golf course and function facilities, the property is home to a spacious Mediterranean style dwelling with: ■4 bedrooms ■2 bathrooms ■Living rooms ■Study ■Well appointed kitchen ■Large dining area ■Timber deck The natural beauty of the estate includes a freshwater creek which runs through the centre of the property beside the ponds that are flourishing with water lilies. If you are a golf enthusiast, what could be better than living on a golf course? Enjoy your days teeing-off on your very own 9-hole golf course in amongst the abundant birdlife that inhabit this stunning property. At the end of the day, relax by the pool sipping a cocktail as you watch the afternoon sunset. Life doesn’t get much better than this. Establish a Bed & Breakfast, restaurant, conference venue, hotel, retirement village, town-houses or prestige homes. Or just play golf on your own course. This already successful business has hosted corporate golf days, wedding receptions, birthdays and other special occasions. You may want to take of this profitable business or start your own. It’s up to you what you do with this property Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hit the ball as hard as you can...

“How do we bring beginners up to speed faster? But if you get performance faster, does that stimulate motivation? The book “Talent is Overrated” suggests that with kids, one of the most powerful motivators is early success or prowess with a particular sport or activity. So how do we get success faster? Which motivates motivation—having it, or faster progress? From my experience by allowing begnners to play without fear of consequences; fearless golf. Play like the score doesn’t matter and learn to hit the ball hard. I always liked Jack Niclaus’ theory of learn to hit it hard, then learn to hit it straight. It might be painful hitting the ball across two fairways initially but that can be fixed. I think a lot of beginners however find it too frustrating and are told by the other golfers and maybe even their PGA pro to back off in order to hit it straighter. That works to a point as they work on their technique and their swing looks better but quite often there is no real pop in the swing. Without that pop when they get down toward mid teen handicap they are behind the 8 ball on the Par4s and each time they go for extra effort their technique breaks down so they back off and the cycle continues. Most beginners I have seen that improved quickly started with the advantage of at least some power and either built more through better technique and/or didn’t sacrifice that power in the learning process. ...and yeah they have the time to hit lots and lots of golf balls and play lots of practice rounds : ) Nine out of ten people believe that out of ten people, one person will always disagree with the other nine!” The reason for me posting this is that after reading it struck a chord with future plans for my game development. I have always concentrated on accuracy over distance/power to compensate for injury restrictions on my body. As my golf ability improved from coaching and practise one of the benefits has been more power in the swing delivered to the ball and longer distance with shots. This has not been given any major attention, just noticed as a development in my game and appreciated. Yesterday I went and hit thirty balls on the range with a six hybrid. All was good, the distance was exceptional. I was going for a target 10 metres beyond my established distance for this club and reaching it within a ten metre radius of the target. At the minute while still recuperating from the past nine months of golf and pushing my body too hard again it is a good time to review the golf attributes in my game. This has been circumventing the 'improved distance' topic up until reading the above quote. I have been wrestling with what was I going to do about the need for more distance now I am in reach of a 10 handicap. Playing against single digit handicappers in A grade so far the change in equipment has been assisting to a limited extent. Mentally though my golf is not attuned to playing to hit the green outside 150-160metres. This had been noted and is in my list of improvements needed. I have a reasonable accuracy level that varies from average to excellent. Swinging easy and well within my limits is the accepted game style used in competition. To change what has been set in place to protect myself and not encourage further damage for so long is not going to be easy. In fact there is a quotient of fear in committing to this new path. Especially as at this time all has been directed at recovery. The time has come to now change this approach to golfing and simply start hitting the ball with all I have to the relevant targets. It was during this past week of recuperation and hitting balls in the practise net firstly and then on the range yesterday that it has became time to change. This is going to be a particularly difficult challenge but nothing ventured nothing gained. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

Friday, September 14, 2012

Consistently stupid...

14/9/12 Friday. Ambled around the course yesterday morning and hit the ball well enough short game was a fail though. Interesting aside was joining up with another club golfer who has not played the past week due to a back injury as well. Both were making the same short game errors and that may be nothing more than coincidence yet still worth the attention. When my injury is in ascension generally playing the driver and long iron shots are not affected too much. The short game really does struggle for any consistency. There is no 'feel' to play the chip shot with the right strength the body starts to be out of control. Chip shots can vary from short pop ups that go 2 metres or less to a low rocket scorching across the green. It only happens perhaps two or three times a round. As happened in the matchplay of the club championships that was enough to cost me the play off win. In a competition round it is the same with two or three holes blown out around the green. The conclusion at the end of the season is that I have not got the balance of how much golf is too much, wrong again. The ability and skills of the game have improved which is a good thing for me, the failure to manage the playing quota was not. Getting this wrong is not the end of golfing or the most important aspect of my life. The pain caused and failing to win are in the right order of importance. Golf is fun and that includes all the practise, as well as playing the game, planning, thinking and socialising that is part of my golfing experience. That I am still stupid enough to overdo it again even entertains me. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all. Geoff

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Blink and you miss it... Australian Golf

8/9/12 Saturday Apologies for the delayed post this week. One of the joys of rural living and moving house is the transfer of communication services. May be better off with carrier pigeons instead of telcomunications, less crap with pigeons. Australian professional tournaments get their annual media attention in the coming months. Once the main games are played that is the end of any committed media. The money is a factor, the tournaments are part of the day job for professional golfers. As is the sanctioned status of a tournament and the entry success gives to other events. The distance to be travelled would be taken into consideration with the reward structure and lastly but not least the status of a victory in an event. As is mentioned in regard to the Australian Open it was ‘once considered the fifth major’. That is dead and buried now and is trotted out these days in articles bemoaning the ‘loss’ of this. I will use another word, ‘failure’. Totally had enough of the annual trotting out of superlatives in commentary and media pieces about the’ once upon a time’ Australian Open. Fact is that it no longer has the standing of the past for what ever reasons that are regurgitated each year. Time that Golf Australia actually confronted the state of professional golf in the country and established something with some spine. Not the usual pale shadows that are nothing more than window dressing in the empty shop front of an abandoned business district. Have heard all of the words on ‘golf is different’ and what is affecting the professional game. Australian Golf has a lot of talk that is the epitome of a can’t do attitude. If the Oz golf environment cannot support a regular tour of some efficiency nationally there is definitely failure at the top. No prizes for predicting what is going to be talked about when the Australian professional feature tournaments are on in 2012, the same as every other year. The question will be asked of the leadership and nothing will be forthcoming except ‘stuff is being done’ and once the events are over that will be the last of golf in Australia in the mainstream media attention until the same time next year. Keeping to the sensible although mildly frustrating 'No Golfing" plan for the weekend. Not missing playing the game too much and enjoying the physical respite after the commitment of the past year. Next week I may start to hit a few balls in the driving net set up in the shed at the new home. With such a big back lawn the though has crossed my mind to create a putting surface in a corner patch. That is the definite proof of a golfing obsession. When not playing the game then I am thinking about it way to much. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First round elimination...

4/9/12 Tuesday. Back home this afternoon after travelling to Adelaide straight after the matchplay round on Sunday. Eliminated from the championship challenge on the 18th hole of the day. Was 4 down after nine holes and had three errors on three holes that cost me the game. Two poor chip shots and a poor putt on the first hole of the day was all it took to be defeated. Once again though it was the overall golf from game to physical condition that did not measure up at the end of the season. Although in better condition than last year going further was beyond my ability. As optimistic as I am about every game played reality is what comes through with the results. Not disheartened at all and already planning the next crack at the title in 2013 if it is possible to play in them again. If anything the shortfall this season had been getting down to a ten handicap which is the goal for 2012. Obviously the last months results have not been anywhere near this level. That is the truth of the matter past rounds have been battle to play at my best even if the weather has been a rough winter there was just not enough capability in my body to keep going. It had been apparent for some time that it was a struggle to play my best. It was possible in bursts and the round on Saturday at Kingston epitomised the standard of my golf game. With four wipes and scoring 33 points in a Stableford round the erratic shot play and not maintaining reliable golf qualities were obvious. Looking forward to not picking up a club much in coming weeks and letting the recovery start from there. With improved weather conditions on the way as spring leads into summer golfing will be more enjoyable outdoors as well. Playing in a couple more club Opens before the season ends in 2012 will be my game goals. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Final competition practise done, now to play...

1/9/12 Saturday. Played in the Kingston SE competition today for 33 stableford points with 4 wipes. Was great for my confidence after being crippled last weekend with the back injury. Tentative off the tee to start and in the back nine hit my peak with long straight drives. Even better was 50% GIR for the day apart from some second rate putting and the residual stiffness from the injury the only other faults were mental. Well prepared for the match play tomorrow in the first round of club championship eliminations. One error today got home and the card was still in my pocket. No matter the score was okay and the hitout was excellent. Played the day with no expectations and very fun filled approach. Had no idea what could occur in the round so I was very comfortable with the fun attitude. I was struggling a little in the last 4 holes walking and with a few aches and tightness in the legs. Answered the challenge of physical discomfort with a bogie, par, par finish. Hitting the ball very well and spot on target. Considering I played in a three with a cracking pace set on the front nine. It was no surprise that I began to falter amid the 16 year old 6 handicappers pace and the other golfer in a cart. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back in the swing...

29/8/12 Wednesday. Did the smart thing yesterday and did not succumb to temptation and withdrawal symptoms and go out swing a club after the Bowen Treatment. It did help keep me indoors with the rain falling throughout the afternoon, as I am certain that going to practise some putting and chipping would have led to hitting some long irons.

This morning though I grabbed twenty balls together with the six iron and pitching wedge then went out on the practise fairway. Nice and easy swings after some stretching exercises to warm up were very satisfying. No twinges and good distance and accuracy was the result and that was exactly what was wanted. Back home afterwards a little tenderness was apparent in the recovering area but nothing foreboding about this.

My golf game will fall back into the recent rhythm easily enough. No big hitting in my golf, just a steady plod of hit the ball straight and accurately, as is possible. The coming weeks will be fun and this week I will enjoy the mental exercise of preparing my game brain for match play. The opponents do not count in my planning very much, that is a distraction to actual play of winning golf. Awareness of them during the round is a must, ignoring the signs of faltering is also an effective way to lose a game of golf.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


Two days of Weight loss program to go...

29/8/12 Wednesday. Into the last week of the 2 month weight loss effort taking the diet supplement and I am recovering from a debilitating bout of back pain that often coincides with weight gain. As usual there has been no exercise in this period which began on Friday, literally bed ridden on Saturday and Sunday. Up and out of bed moving gingerly by Monday afternoon, taking care not to jar of strain the injured area.
Rest is always a good healing agent and by Tuesday the injury had receded into a relatively minor disability. Managed to book a Bowen Therapy treatment on the same day and that was to speed up the healing and correct the cause of the injury flare up. Would have forgone this for a few days in normal circumstances yet with the first matchplay round of the club golf championships on Sunday it is vital to improve as soon as possible.
The crunch of all is has my weight blown out in this injury recovery period? In this case no, in fact the opposite; down to 101.2kgfrom Saturday’s 102.3kg

Visually my body has obviously lost a few of the rolls and bulges from the initial 109kg when I began the weight loss attempt taking the diet supplements. 

With only two days of supplement capsules left I am very happy with the result since beginning in July. To have lost, at worst 7kg in eight weeks, up to 8kg possible in the last few days is a definite success.
Without doubt my sceptical opinion has been changed to one that says this works. During this weight loss period there have been times when there has been gains between some weekly weigh ins. The point is that this is not an instant quick fix and what you eat and moderate exercise has to be considered. The fact is that the loss of 7 kilograms in eight weeks is the minimum result I have achieved. You must follow some simple rules and not eat fast foods, biscuits, cakes, cream pastries, chocolate bars and other confectionery from the sweets and lollies section in shops.
I will do a final weigh in on Saturday morning. Then continue this written record for a couple of weeks to see if the weight comes back now that the supplements are not part of my dietary routine.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Championships draw released...

28/8/12 Tuesday. Managed to get a Bowen treatment this morning and that has released the restriction on my body. Was healing up slowly but getting a treatment was vital to have me in better condition for the first round of matchplay for the club championships on Sunday.

Got to the clubhouse and have seen the draw, it is the same opponents as last season for the first two, with the current club champion my opponent if I win the first round. Then it will be some one new to play off against if I win through to the final 36 hole round.

Playing matchplay is always a challenge and my short game will be getting some dedicated practise. Chipping in and dropping the first putt is a major bonus in this knock-out competition. Weather has gone to crap again with more rain today settling in to soak the course. Fortunate that the new place I am moving to has a shed and will be there tomorrow setting up my driving net inside to get some range practise in the armoury.

It is great to have finally got to this part of the season and in better condition physically than last season. Starting to have a few body parts waver as in last weekend but that hurdle has been leapt now it should be relatively plain sailing to the eventual outcome.   Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


Sunday, August 26, 2012

A little common sense goes a long way...

26/8/12 Sunday. More mobility and less pain this morning was able to get up at 5am and move well enough through the various newspaper delivery tasks. It has been a while since having a really bad flare up on this scale. It is now when my positive attitude can cause problems. It has always been a matter of "what can I do" when feeling like this instead of thinking "what is not possible."

This has caused problems in the past as pain is a great creator of irrational decisions. This morning I am holding off until 10am before heading out to hit 20 balls and see how my body reacts. Even on writing it common sense suggests not even bothering to do this and sit the day out and recover a little more. It is that I have worked so damn hard to be in a position to win the Gallerie Trophy and sitting in second spot and only needing to be two strokes better than the leader for victory. I don't need to win this trophy, I just don't like not being able to compete and have an influence on the result.

Yes dear readers I am an obsessed golfer who does enjoy the competition of the game. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


Saturday, August 25, 2012

A slow day of recovery...

25/8/12 Saturday. So far the day has been bad since levering out of bed at 4.30am to get into work. 
On a scale of one to ten the pain and discomfort level is an eleven today. It has been a long time since I have been this crippled with pain and inability to move. Although mobility and pain has lessened in the last three and half hours, common sense dictates no golf this weekend unless there is major improvement.  

At least I am not being paralysed in place now as I was on first rising today. A combination of a Deep Heat back patch and pain medication, combined with driving around for an hour and a half with a heated seat in a Smart car delivering newspapers has relieved some discomfort. Teed off yesterday and played two holes of the Friday chicken run before pulling out which was a smart decision. I had been restricted in mobility and taking it very cautious all day in reaction to the first inkling of pain in the morning. 

Having already qualified for the club championships and at this stage sitting second there is no urgency to play on Sunday. It is the frustration at wanting to get out and have a crack at winning the Gallerie Trophy that will be curtailed at this stage which has me so irritated. It is also a Monthly Medal round on Sunday as well which would be nice to have a crack at. My current sensible plan is to not play Kingston SE today, still have to go for a drive there though as part of assisting with the Southern Ports Golf Week development. 

Will go up and back returning to spend the day relaxing and hopefully recuperating at home. If I feel recovered in the afternoon a little fitness test  with some putting and chipping will give me a benchmark on the improvement. Not expecting anything like this to happen at the minute though. Can barely lean forward on the chair to shift position so stiff and at least it is not as painful even since starting to write there has been improvement. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”

Injury and bad weather slows progress...

25/8/12 Saturday. Into the eighth week of taking the diet supplement and have decided to continue for another month (4 week) program. The reason is very modest and simple. To get below 100kg to 99kg and have lost a total of 10 kilograms by taking the supplements.
This past week was a minor weight gain of .20 kg and a total 102.3kg on the scales this morning.

Since Tuesday of the past week I have not got outside for a daily walk of 3 kilometres because of bad weather and visitors. As well this involved two particularly large meals Roast Chicken and vegetables and sharing two bottles of wine Wednesday and two pints of Guinness with a meal of Fettuccine in a creme sauce on Thursday.

To compound the lack of exercise I have been crippled with a very bad flare up of my back injury since Friday morning. Started to play nine holes of golf Friday afternoon and had to stop after playing two. This morning am only slightly better having been up since 5am delivering newspapers under duress. I am quite certain that playing golf and getting exercise this weekend is not going to happen.

Having got below 102 kg after golfing last weekend reaching the first goal of 100kg is also behind schedule now with the disabling of my exercise activities. It is only the competitive motivation and the enjoyment of having already lost a considerable amount of weight seven kilograms, already that has me chasing the targets set.

I feel much more healthy and satisfied with the successful experience with the diet supplements so far. Whilst I have not followed a strict dieting menu there has been no eating of rubbish snacks. Fresh Apples, vegetables cheese, meats, coffee and moderate alcohol, bread consumption were the mainstay of the diet. No chips, chocolates, soft drinks, sugar, gravy in addition to the consumption of nutritional meals.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

One week of diet supplement to go...

Diet Supplements available here make an offer...

 22/8/12 Another week of being restricted in getting outside due to the weather. One of the important aspects of the weight loss effectiveness from taking the diet supplements has been exercise. Nothing extraordinary or excessive as far as exercise routines go based around playing golf it has been a matter of walking 6km (playing 18 holes) twice a week and 3km (playing 9 holes) 2-3 times a week. Even if you are not a golfer making the effort to walk 18 to 21 kilometres a week in addition to your usual activities is not a lot.

Yet it makes all the difference when it comes to losing weight. During each week the practise is not to get on the scales and check your weight. This is not an effective action as your weight does fluctuate day to day the only total that matters is the weekly result which gives the loss or gained tally.

This week though after having already taken seven kilograms of weight off my body I have been breaking this rule for a purpose. Being unable to exercise due to the weather and with the very loose diet when it comes to what I eat I was interested to see what the effect would be. Starting on Sunday I have weighed myself each morning on rising and have fluctuated between 101.6kg and 102.1kg in that time.

Having lost so much excess body fat in the past two months obviously there is less to lose in the future. Having not followed a strict dietary regime and instead putting the diet supplement claims to the test has worked in favour of the supplement. Sitting about doing no exercise though would not have been as effective in the weight loss result. The success has all came from moderation and that covers the gamut of eating and exercising while taking the diet supplements.

With a nine days to go, the end of the second month of taking the diet supplements has arrived. It will be grand to hit the 100kg mark but even 101kg would be more than acceptable. Yes the diet supplements are a definite success in assisting with weight loss. As long as the person taking them is not lazy and make the effort to improve them self and not just expect weight loss to happen magically.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The club championship preparation...

22/8/12 Wednesday. Pacing myself this week in the build up to the weekend golfing, maintaining the practise and playing routine that has been established through the season so far. It is very satisfying to know that the past twelve months has been effective in improving on the previous season. While still not the best golfer in the field of championship competitors, my preparation has put me into a position to be able to challenge the best.

It was a big test and perhaps to some an overstepping of the reality of what was possible in attempting some of the goals I have tried for during 2012. That was never a consideration in my mind with the entry into Southern Ports Golf Week and the various regional Club Open tournaments. Not winning was not failure. The transition into A Grade at the high end of that handicap division was never going to be an easy one. I did not have the consistent golf game to be successful on the travelling golf competition circuit this past season. I did have several ‘one hit wonder’ winning shots for long drives and nearest the pins in various open competitions. So I was not ineffectual in playing among the better class of golfers.

The coming weeks of rising to the challenge are exciting to contemplate. In the field I will be a decade or more years older than the favourites and golf wise less powerful off the tee and fairway. So the past season of dedicated practise, obtaining equipment that has improved my accuracy and distance and much improved fitness and body condition is my compensation. In past months the weekly competition results have delivered the proof that there are three A grade golfers who are in consistent winning form, I am one of those. Playing seven competition rounds at my home club since the twenty seventh of May have resulted in three first place and two third place results and only twice have I been headed by another A grade golfer.

This week the Driver has been left out of the bag during practise. Choosing to play only with #3 hybrid to PW during nine hole rounds and on the range. This is to assist in improving the GIR rate with the longer clubs. Range practise is good for establishing consistent shot play. Doing it on the course is where it matters, hence the increased use of the longer clubs in practise rounds by taking the driver out of the bag. There is another purpose in this round play as well. Our club championship is decided by match play after qualifying rounds. Creating extra pressure on myself during practise with tee shots that are twenty metres or more shorter, is about getting accustomed to having to get the best result with all shots. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”