Thursday, August 16, 2012

Winning... It matters to me

16/8/12 Thursday. No practise is going to happen today, in the words of Noah (before the publisher edit), “It is p!ssing down” With some luck perhaps a bit of putting may happen later in the day if the rain goes to intermittent showers. Not the best situation for my preparation for the championship qualifier on Sunday but not a concern.

Compared to the 2011 season at this stage then I was running on empty as the season drew towards the championships. There were a few injury problems with the golfers elbow. In tandem with having pushed my body to it’s limit it was a limping finish to the season.

This year had much better staging to see the season out. Improved fitness and especially being 7 kg lighter at the minute following the weight reduction program of the past months and of course second season as a non smoker. Golf wise my form is peaking as opposed to waning, at the minute, aside from having broken 80 in recent competition the combined form and equipment improvement are all bonuses. None of this guarantees success in the play-offs but certainly supplies a better foundation to make the attempt from.

I dont care what the opinion of others is regarding the efforts I put into golf. While I have limited time available in recreation it is my choice to utilise it this way. Not surprised to know that there are some who do not think it is fair to be playing against golfers who practise a lot. Yes this is an undercurrent at the club. I do not think that fitter, younger golfers have an advantage over me though, if anything that drives me to be a better player. This effort hurts at times to but there is no other way to get into form.

Defeatism is not a tolerable situation with my mindset and if others have it, terrific! I will take the advantage and love the edge it gives me. In fact surreptitiously encouraging it with opponents is a fair tactic, if only I knew how to do it.
Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”