Thursday, August 05, 2010

Golf - Heavier irons well suited to winter conditions

5th August Thursday. Maintaining the practise regime this week including the physical excercise and build on the progress of last week. During the two 18 hole rounds I have played (scores of 87 and 88) on Tuesday and Thursday I have continued using the heavier toe/heel weighted irons. Last used them in competition on the 27th of June at the Keith Open and after the recent strengthening excercise routine they feel as light as ever. Importantly my swing has began to show the effects of the regular practise and even the higher loft on these older irons are not causing a problem when shooting for distance at greens that was noticeable previously.

It has been a week of very heavy rain and moderate winds after the Kingston Open and the experience had the possibility to take a bit of confidence out of my game. Back on the course this week there was no change to my playing approach in a negative sense. Being aware of my limitations as a golfer is not damaging it is important to be able to maintain an aproach that the game is just that and not something that the fate of life depends upon. Also playing on the ‘home’ course is a lot easier with knowledge of the fairway and green variations. The greens have not been cut since Sunday though simply too wet for the greenkeeper to do at the minute so they are a little furry and slower than usual even with the water.

I will be having a hit with the newer irons tomorrow (Friday) and see how they feel before deciding which I will choose for the weekend. The course is very wet now and the run has gone from most fairways and for some reason these older irons have a better ‘feel’ in the wet conditions. I have made two other additions as well, using a blade pitching wedge around the greens instead of the sets and the Proline “Oddessy 2 ball” look alike putter. Before I was not good with this club on the greens and again practise has paid off and although still leaving some putts short the accuracy from 2m in is very good.

Thankyou for your time and attention, "Hit 'em straight all", Geoff