Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A Social round for fun...

8/1/13 Tuesday Heading out for a social 9 holes this morning. The golfing is going to be secondary to having the walk and hit. This is not a bout of madness on my part this is exactly how I am approaching January. Apart from range practise there is no intention to be out playing competition rounds. At the minute this is refreshing mentally and is allowing me to concentrate on improving my technique and mental state of playing the game.

The other reason is that January is dedicated to the fitness program I am doing. For the past year I have been doing strand pulling (Chest expander equipment) to develop stamina in my upper body. This has never been a specific workout routine until now. This year in an attempt to avoid the regular end of season collapse that has been afflicting my golf for the past three years I have a plan. Doing specific exercises with the strand equipment took some time to develop. I had to do a lot o researching to cobble together a full body program. Using weight is beyond me for some reason now days. This is a gravity based exercise, unlike strand pulling and I have ended up with niggling injuries using weight in th last few years.

Legs, back, stomach, shoulders arms all exercised in unison to have a balance core strength and body. The back was a particular target as this is where most of my problems arise due to m.v.a. injuries.So far a week into doing the program the improvement is noticeable.  Hence I am looking forward to seeing what happens when I try and put a ball in the hole during a round of golf.
There has been one particular surprise revealed in this exercise program. My legs are totally out of kilter comparing their strength and flexibility. This would account for some of my imbalance and lack of consistency in golfing. It is a gradual fitness routine based upon regular set workout routines and it has became comfortable and easy already after a week to complete.
Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”