Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NO Pain - It's bloody fantastic

Twenty odd years ago between then and getting to now I managed to pick up a few injuries which did hurt at the time. What really sucked was that the pain that followed since that time was worse than the original. It did not help at times that I would go and aggravate them by not wrapping myself in cotton wool and instead chosing to get out and do things. To cut a long tiresome tale short in 1995 I started going to a Bowen Therapist for treatment of the injuries. It was simple really seeing as I had tried the rest from chiroprators, massage, trigger point therapy you name it, I pretty much had a test run of everything in my search for a cure to the pain.

On a scale of pain what I was getting is the equivilant of turning on a light to the flash of a nuclear weapon going off and saying 'shit thats a bright light'. Two weeks ago on my last Bowen I mentioned that the last two months seemed to be really achieving something and damn it all that day the first move she did was right on the button of where the main pain had been all these years. I stopped her and said, 'damned if know but that was the spot and something just happened.' Here I sit today two weeks later and I can with out doubt say it's bloody well fixed at last. It is the best feeling all over, hell what is really weird is that now instead of noticing the times when I hurt, now I am stopping myself when doing things and thinking, that feels weird there is no pain. I reckon even winter and no sunbaking for a few months is not such a bad thing for a change.
Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff