Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The club championship preparation...

22/8/12 Wednesday. Pacing myself this week in the build up to the weekend golfing, maintaining the practise and playing routine that has been established through the season so far. It is very satisfying to know that the past twelve months has been effective in improving on the previous season. While still not the best golfer in the field of championship competitors, my preparation has put me into a position to be able to challenge the best.

It was a big test and perhaps to some an overstepping of the reality of what was possible in attempting some of the goals I have tried for during 2012. That was never a consideration in my mind with the entry into Southern Ports Golf Week and the various regional Club Open tournaments. Not winning was not failure. The transition into A Grade at the high end of that handicap division was never going to be an easy one. I did not have the consistent golf game to be successful on the travelling golf competition circuit this past season. I did have several ‘one hit wonder’ winning shots for long drives and nearest the pins in various open competitions. So I was not ineffectual in playing among the better class of golfers.

The coming weeks of rising to the challenge are exciting to contemplate. In the field I will be a decade or more years older than the favourites and golf wise less powerful off the tee and fairway. So the past season of dedicated practise, obtaining equipment that has improved my accuracy and distance and much improved fitness and body condition is my compensation. In past months the weekly competition results have delivered the proof that there are three A grade golfers who are in consistent winning form, I am one of those. Playing seven competition rounds at my home club since the twenty seventh of May have resulted in three first place and two third place results and only twice have I been headed by another A grade golfer.

This week the Driver has been left out of the bag during practise. Choosing to play only with #3 hybrid to PW during nine hole rounds and on the range. This is to assist in improving the GIR rate with the longer clubs. Range practise is good for establishing consistent shot play. Doing it on the course is where it matters, hence the increased use of the longer clubs in practise rounds by taking the driver out of the bag. There is another purpose in this round play as well. Our club championship is decided by match play after qualifying rounds. Creating extra pressure on myself during practise with tee shots that are twenty metres or more shorter, is about getting accustomed to having to get the best result with all shots. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


Nine days of weight loss to go...

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22/8/12 Another week of being restricted in getting outside due to the weather. One of the important aspects of the weight loss effectiveness from taking the diet supplements has been exercise. Nothing extraordinary or excessive as far as exercise routines go based around playing golf it has been a matter of walking 6km (playing 18 holes) twice a week and 3km (playing 9 holes) 2-3 times a week. Even if you are not a golfer making the effort to walk 18 to 21 kilometres a week in addition to your usual activities is not a lot.

Yet it makes all the difference when it comes to losing weight. During each week the practise is not to get on the scales and check your weight. This is not an effective action as your weight does fluctuate day to day the only total that matters is the weekly result which gives the loss or gained tally.

This week though after having already taken seven kilograms of weight off my body I have been breaking this rule for a purpose. Being unable to exercise due to the weather and with the very loose diet when it comes to what I eat I was interested to see what the effect would be. Starting on Sunday I have weighed myself each morning on rising and have fluctuated between 101.6kg and 102.1kg in that time.

Having lost so much excess body fat in the past two months obviously there is less to lose in the future. Having not followed a strict dietary regime and instead putting the diet supplement claims to the test has worked in favour of the supplement. Sitting about doing no exercise though would not have been as effective in the weight loss result. The success has all came from moderation and that covers the gamut of eating and exercising while taking the diet supplements.

With a nine days to go, the end of the second month of taking the diet supplements has arrived. It will be grand to hit the 100kg mark but even 101kg would be more than acceptable. Yes the diet supplements are a definite success in assisting with weight loss. As long as the person taking them is not lazy and make the effort to improve them self and not just expect weight loss to happen magically.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff