Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where's my tickets.....!!!!!

At last count there are 3,000 people who as life time supporters of Adelaide United fought and died in Two World wars, never voted for any politician who is responsible for the travesty of them not getting a ticket to the coming Asian Champions League match against Gamba Osaka at Hindmarsh Stadium. These people are all related to the other 100,000 people in Australia who also support teams who make finals in any given year who also fought and died in Two World Wars for this right and had at least one leg bitten off by white pointers while rescuing baby Harp seals from the culling clubs.

Without doubt it is obvious that as the author of the preceding comments and what follows, my affiliation to Al Quaida is certain. To be so un-Australian to be speaking out that the carry on from these fans who missed out on getting tickets, bore the living daylights out of me. If there was this much concentrated whining and whinging by a group of passengers in the bow of the TiTanic the iceberg would have shattered. Nor can the oversight of the State politicians over the past fifty years who have not built an inner city sports stadium be left out. It is imperative that $150 million be immediately made available to construct this vital piece of infrastructure or the State of SA will sink into obscurity.

Obscurity is the least of the problems associated with the lack of a premier stadium. As long as this is lacking, children will starve, the hole on the ozone layer will get bigger and those poor fluffy Harp seals that survive being hit over the head will be sold off to make fillet burgers at your nearest fast food restaurant.

Thankfully it has been obvious among the many comments online at The Advertiser site, soccer (football) fans are far more realistic about the lack of tickets than AFL fans. Among those who missed out on getting tickets venting their disappointment is a great swathe of balance from others. many suggesting that missing out on the ticket does not mean they can miss out on the coming A-League games including the Final replay against Melbourne Victory this Friday. Many comments referring to the 6000 empty seats in the game against Perth Glory last week. Where were these passionate fans ( "their beloved REDS, who they fought and died for in Two Wars" ) during this game as the REDS came from 1 goal down to win 2-1.

Sport is great fun, my passion for it is tempered a little these days. In fact some sports that once I played and followed, now make me turn away from on the TV or change channels. To be honest it is not the sports in fact that turn my head. It is the often embarrassingly incompetent Australian sports commentators, "at work, doing their job."

The desire to bury my head in a bucket of Vegemite until I lose consciousness almost overwhelms me. The tiresome, "wide-eyed Australian experiencing something foreign" act is the worst of all. As in touch with reality as the sight of "walking down the street amid a crowd of heads clad in hats with corks bobbing to keep the flies away." In 2001 there was an estimated 1 million Australians overseas at December the 31st 856,000 living and 250 thousand visiting Australians would on the average be very aware of international experience more so than many nations. Yet our lame sports casters persist in the cliche portrayal.

I am all for sports and the entertainment it provides. I even have three sports blogs plus a video series on YOUTUBE during the AFL season. All for the enjoyment the truly dedicated fans get from their passion, but absolutely no time whatsoever for the tiresome rants on Sport is more important than life... because it bloody well isn't.
Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff