Monday, August 26, 2013

Get fit and win golf..

Sunday 25/8/13 After 2 months of frustration yesterday I finally put a half decent 18 holes together. Nothing spectacular finishing with -3 after the round. At no time did it feel like or happen that my round was about to fall apart. Even the loss holes were always close to halves. The only irritations, that came from two three putts. Finishing the day with 32 putts and a little more wayward off the tee than I have been lately 11, but GIR's made the difference. What really made the improved score was nothing to do with golf. Playing nine holes is a doddle for me and that has been shown in all of my practise of late. My technique across the board has been vastly improved Yet for 8 weeks my golf has been falling apart in competitions. There had been one significant change in my routine since the golf began to fall apart, I had stopped the morning swimming and the daily fitness workouts with cable/strand pulling. At Home the next day an 85 off the stick with 25 putts was good enough to win the August Monthly Medal. A $20 Strand Pulling set and a series of simple excercise routines and my golf is back on the winners list. That is what I started using after the last 7 rounds of failure, it was the only thing I had stopped doing since the failing began. Up until 8 weeks ago I had been still swimming 3 mornings a week and using the strand set each day with a 10 to 15 minute routine as well as doing 15 reps (just did one now) when sitting at my desk or watching tv at night. It is that simple to improve your stamina. Look at your own golfing, do you practise? do you get coaching? do you look at a round and isolate those shots that went wrong and realize where the club be it driver, iron, wedge or putter went off line and the ball missed the target? Then you have no difficulty in calculating why the ball went in the wrong direction so you practise more to stop the deviation again. Have you ever considered that it was not lack of ability that caused the fault, instead it was because you had tired during the round? That is what I realized last year that fitness is more than walking around the course it is being able to swing a club precisely through the round and that is every club from putter to driver. How many times have you miss hit a chip shot or a putt and thought how did that happen? It does not happen with my game now yet it was simple little miss hits that were destroying my scores on one or two holes in past weeks. Still practicing the same amount but I was not excising any more. Start it again and after two weeks the form is back and I have my third club monthly medal in a row for 2013. Thankyou for your time and attention hit the ball find the ball hit the ball Geoff