Monday, September 14, 2015

Winning score and long drives at last...

The recent break has refreshed my golf on both physical and mental levels. The improved weather has been a major assistance in playing better also. the last weeks I played it was a battle against the elements, then the effort needed to hit the ball being added.
The weekend past almost by accident without any dedicated decision to make it happen another improvement settled into my game. Every now and then I would take a full back-swing in practise and never in any serious mind set to add to my golf. This was a definite no go area for me mentally and physically to ensure no more damage or pain added to long term injury. My ongoing conversation about training and improving fitness revolves around improving my health from an accident many years ago. The golf is an added bonus which benefits from the effort and is also a sensational benchmark. It has been obvious for some time that my flexibility, movement and strength in all the right places has been improved. During Saturday's round I was hitting the ball well, having fun and enjoying the fine weather. As the day progressed it became obvious that my drives were only 2-3 metres behind one of the big hitting playing partners. Whilst it was noticed my mind was on the game being played and not one aspect. Until the last hole a par 5 and we were desperate for units. I deliberately got up to hit a bomb on the tee. Which I did, still not good enough to win the unit, the big hitting was noticed by the rest of the group and that was the reason I took particular note of it. Sunday's round I did set out with the full knowledge that on the tee I was going to be taking the bigger back swing all day. Even now it is a surprise that is sinking in that I did it all day with accuracy and consistent long distance. What really hit home was how easy it felt, effortless in fact. The ball just flew so much further with out any noticeable addition on my behalf. To be able to espouse satisfaction and enjoyment at the observation of a game improvement is one thing. To have played and won on the day is what give it credence.I relied upon my ability on the day to play consistent and winning golf. Thank you for your time and attention Geoff