Monday, June 05, 2006

Footyheads hit hate wall

The Penguin Hunter Diaries

So calling a footy player a richard cranium is not appreciated as funny. And the talkback radio heads were surprised that many people did not believe that the player who punched the abuser on the nose was wrong. Steven Trigg has put an about face on his previous comments of wanting AFC supporters to hate the PAFC AFL team on the Crows website. One talk back caller mentioned that Mr Trigg had a case to answer in the event and he has spoken out as well. No he does not endorse hate and nor does the club.

This is where the 'Little Old Adelaide' misnomer is refuted. The world game as we are all getting a fill of now had huge problems with this ingrained hate for years and came down on it like a ton of bricks. But the footy world is still hampered by state perceptions of the game which is national. This is no longer a suburban game with good natured rivalry it is a major interest of people around the nation who are totally unknowing of the opposition CLUB supporters. It is not a state identity game it is a national club competition and by trying to develop suburban hate as a marketing tool it has been great to hear and see that many people are aware of how out of touch with reality this is. But will our media heads who perpetuate this with their unfunny irrelevant banter in SA act upon this?