Sunday, December 30, 2012

Final Golf Range session 2012

It was hard work just to get a decent basic swing established in my game. The consistency which is the key to playing good golf is not something which just happens. The practise which all competent golfers do is what gives them the game that delivers winning results.

My resume' was highlighted with poor fitness plus physical disabilities and that was before I picked up a club and tried to hit a ball when returning to the game in 2009.
Season 2012 was when the coaching sessions finally achieved the results needed. It has taken 3 seasons to establish a credible swing that could actually be used to develop a swing from which is closer to the expected standard required to play consistent golf.

These obstacles have all been significantly improved upon since then as a handicap fluctuating between 12-13 shows.
I will continue to push myself again in 2013 and this time as with every other season have a better place to begin from again. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight"

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playing better than last week...

Saturday 29/12/12 The clock is ticking towards the end of the golfing year and sitting back reflecting on the past has to be done. Started out with my usual confidence and ambition to play my best and did so at times. Other rounds were terrible and the goals set were not reached when it came to making a single digit handicap.

Highlight of the season was the 78 off the stick and breaking 80 for the first time in a competition. Having to do it in the penultimate round to win a seasonal club trophy and in rain and wind was very satisfying. Played in many regional opens and was in the trick shot winning brigade often enough. A Grade or Division One success was beyond my ability in these open fields. There is always a learning experience with golfing and this year was realising that all the practise I have done so far has been good enough to give my game a base.

The past few weeks has been the best I have hit the ball ever.
"Nor is it just words the results of three second place finishes in the last three weeks competition including the Division 1 Nett at the Kingston Open last week. Yes there is some pride in the results gleaned from the effort. It still surprises me at the reaction of some golfers to winners who do not spout false modesty when having success. Water off a duck’s back to me the slights and to be honest poor sportsmanship of some losers in golf clubs. I will go as far to say that this facet of club golfing is also an influence on the failure of some clubs to progress into having growth in people joining these clubs.
Yesterday I had a very light range session 40 balls 20 with the #5 hybrid, 10 each with the #3 Metal and Driver. Nothing more than a technique practise session, hitting balls with measured effort. Concentration directed at making certain the stance, grip, swing and set up were being as well as possible and establishing consistency. Then off to the putting green to do the same with setting up for the all important finish to every hole."

A combination of equipment, using the full hybrid set has bee a major assistance. Fitness, with the weight loss and specific cable stretching exercise program that I have began adding stamina and consistency in being able to play the same shots regularly. Lastly but by no means least is the coaching program that I followed this year has got my game to the position where I do the right things to hit the ball and know what it is I am doing.
This summer I will be too busy working to play competition golf in January with any regularity. Which is going to be used to good stead.

 Continuing the less is more approach has worked very well in my recovery from the season injuries. This time it is being used to commit to practise and more practise with the cable pulling exercise program being followed rigorously to prepare for the 2013 Southern Ports Golf Tournament. My fourth crack at this. Again will be playing as many open tournaments as possible and travelling a lot wider a field so don;t be surprised to see your own clubs mentioned in these pages. Have a great 2013 all. Thankyou for your time and attention.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Woops Apocalypse....

Friday 21/12/12  "Debate has raged about exactly when doomsday will strike. has melded science and superstition to bring you the exact time.
Apocalypses are notoriously tricky things, given that so far they have a 100 per cent fail rate..."

In the meantime with 11 or so hours until the lights go out I am sticking to my less is more golf approach. This has been the key to my improvement and recovery from the rigours of the 2012 season. Harnessed with the equipment in my bag, the complete hybrid set has been a significant aid to my game. So with some fitness including major weight loss of 8-9 kg add to these and of course the coaching and associated practise of the 2012 season my game is at it's best state ever at the minute. As the preceding details show it is not one thing but several combined that have brought me to this point in my golf.

Nor is it just words the results of three second place finishes in the last three weeks competition including the Division 1 Nett at the Kingston Open last week. Yes there is some pride in the results gleaned from the effort. It still surprises me at the reaction of some golfers to winners who do not spout false modesty when having success. Water off a duck's back to me the slights and to be honest poor sportsmanship of some losers in golf clubs. I will go as far to say that this facet of club golfing is also an influence on the failure of some clubs to progress into having growth in people joining these clubs.

Yesterday I had a very light range session 40 balls 20 with the #5 hybrid, 10 each with the #3 Metal and Driver. Nothing more than a technique practise session, hitting balls with measured effort. Concentration directed at making certain the stance, grip, swing and set up were being as well as possible and establishing consistency. Then off to the putting green to do the same with setting up for the all important finish to every hole. Thankyou for your time and attention, "Hit 'em straight all"


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Second place in Kingston SE Open..

18/12/12 Tuesday A very satisfying result in the Kingston Summer Open on Saturday. The results from practise and playing preparation over the past month delivered a second place finish in Division 1 (14 Hcp or less) Nett result 83 gross and a nett 69. Did not as the saying goes, "leave any shots out on the course". Played as well as I could on the day and this is my third second place finish in my last three competition rounds.

Consistent hits on the fairways and getting greens in regulation all contributed to the ease of the round. The short game chipping and putting is more affected by carrying some residual back stiffness, not from lack of ability to play better shots. I am choosing to make a note of this affecting my game as a reminder for the future. It is time that I have to make a specific effort to not accept playing with this restriction. I will delay taking action until after January as I will be no longer doing the 5.30 am starts on weekends to deliver newspapers from the 24th of December. I want to ascertain that this early morning drive around and throwing papers is not the major cause of this restriction.

As relaxed as I am this has been noted and a mental note of not letting this affect my coming season game attitude. Off the tee and on the fairway my game was strongest. Short game with chipping and putting are still the weaker links. Nothing that practise will not improve and patience a usual is a virtue. It has not only been actions which has assisted in the recent results. The playing for fun and enjoying the rounds has been a major influence in recovery from the 2012 season.
Thank you for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”

Friday, December 14, 2012

Learning to play golf with added distance...

Friday 14/12/12. Yesterday as I ambled around the Kingston course smacking the little white ball without the game brain on it was possible to experiment. As my chosen game is one of minimal risk and playing the shots which have the least opportunity to fail, these social rounds are where I test my capability.

Coming to grips with the added distance and what changes it initiates in my rounds is going to take several social rounds yet. Kingston is a course with several doglegs and with trees 3 to 5 metres on the corners it is possible to take the short cut. Going across the corner is the shot which was not considered by me previously. Yesterday was a day when I tested the limit to see if these shots could be played and have a high percentage of success.
What is the first thing noticed about the improved distance is the lack of effort required in playing the stroke. The improvement is all from the technique that has been developed from the coaching and practise over the past two seasons. To get to the end of the story is to say, yes, I can 'cut the corners' and do it easily. Mentally though this is now an accepted reality and that is as important as being physically able to play the shots as well.

On two holes in particular the new game was made especially apparent. The first is a 193 metre par 3 a hole which is a stretch for me club wise as I carry a #2 iron and a #3 hybrid and not a fairway wood. 200m though is a distance I play with the second 400cc (10 degree) driver in my bag yesterday I did not try hard and was still too long. Should have had a crack with the 2 iron or 3 hybrid but was not too fussed with being long and can negotiate this distance well enough. The second hole is a 325 m dogleg right par 4 and I generally play to the left side and finish at 80-100m from the green. Yesterday though I cut the corner into a breezy cross wind. The ball finished 60 metes from the green. A big 20 to 40m advantage gained for me in going to the green with the next shot. 

The next hole was the 358 m 9th hole and I continued with the trialling my capability off the tee. This time with a definite aggressive mindset. This was opposed to my usual, find a reachable target on the fairway and place the ball as close to it as possible. The green is visible at the end of a straight fairway and all I did was aim to the right of the green and hit. Finished 125 metres out hitting into the gusty breeze which had picked up as the round progressed.
Now it is back to the putting green for the next day. Practising on getting the ball into the hole with a much improved return.

Thursday 13/12/12 A busy week yet I have managed to maintain a consistent  level of practise following the weekend. Was a runner up in the competition on Sunday and happy with a second place.  Especially happy with the distance off the tee and accuracy. This was a flow on from results on the range last week. By happen stance was in a group with two single digit handicappers who are noted big hitters. In no way did I chase them off the tee it was a head down have fun day of golf and concentrate on hitting the ball and consistency.

As the round progressed it was obvious that off the tee my shots were not much off the distance and 10-20 metres behind big hitting golfers is in the 230 - 250 metre range. Not my usual distance that is reached with ease or consistently at all. The last 3 holes though I was in the rythym and genuinely began to chase the drives and yes I did match them off the tee. Still in my taking it easy golf period consolidating my game in preparation for 2013. This weekend though is the Kingston Summer open and I went for a drive played nine holes just for a hit out. Putting and short game is still a bit ratty. Not sure what this is caused by 100%. Have a suspicion that it is not technical but mental and not having a red hot go at the task when on the green.

Hence I am about to go out and get on the practise green again in 10 minutes.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Finally a consistent swing...

Saturday 8/12/12 So much for second last day of paper run! The changeover has been  delayed again and I have agreed to keep on doing it until the 23rd of December. Not the hardest job in the world but it interferes with my golf too often. Would much rather be playing in the Golf Challenge on the 9th in Adelaide than here delivering papers. The weather may be better but I really like playing golf on other courses and in competition.

Still buzzing over yesterdays range results and looking forward to getting out and emulating them again later today. The real proof is doing it the second, third, time etc. A consistent swing is the key to playing better golf and that has been the major development on the golf journey so far.
There is another aspect which was again in evidence yesterday that was particularly noticed. I am able to work the ball not a lot but consistently enough to be able to see this as another inclusion in my golf game. It is still a surprised golfer who is sitting here and revealing that I can do the things within my limits that is accepted as a given among the better golfers.
Been up for 4 hours and have been out and hit another 50 balls on the range to follow up from yesterdays revelation. Still got the 'new'swing and all the benefits which being able to completely hit through the ball. In fact it was a harder practise session, this time hitting into a strong breeze and still getting good results. In the past two days I have hit 100 ball which is most likely how many I hit all up in November on the range. The 'Less is More' recovery plan is not laziness it is about improvement and that has me very pleased at the minute.

No longer is there any concern about my swing every shot has been simplified. I know that it is a complete smooth operation that I can now do. Not having to focus on as many actions through the swing increases effective shot's and mental comfort. Already the Driver problems of late are being improved on with having to concern myself with one less swing facet.In fact today was particularly interesting with the accuracy, effort and distance using the big stick.
Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all"

Friday, December 07, 2012

Woops... Apocalypse again!

Okay just to be sure we are aware that the Mayan's whose calendar  predicts the 'end of the world' in December, kinda forgot to predict the end of their own civilisation. It never hurts to be prepared. As golfers we all know what this means... TIME TO GET OUT AND BUY BUCKET LOADS OF NEW GOLF STUFF.
Let the rest of the death and glory brigade party, pray and panic. We are golfers the new driver you want...Get It Now! New Clubs Get 'em NOW!  Play golf 7 days a week Do It Now" January is going to be to late.
" With">">With the End Of Times fast approaching, we thought you would want to know what it all means. So here's our handy guide to the apocalypse.

WHAT? Whaddya mean the world's ending?
That's the theory. Some people believe that because an ancient Mayan calendar runs out on December 21, the world will end on that date. Others (including the Mayans) believe that it just means the beginning of the next cycle. Sort of like how you get a new calendar for each year.
What sort of calendar is this?
No nudie ladies or cute puppies in this one. It's a mathematical system with shorter counts and the ‘Long Count', which is the crucial bit for our purposes. The Long Count measures the ‘Great Cycle' that began on August 11, 3114, the day of Creation. The Long Count cycle lasts about 5,200 years, so the ‘Great Cycle' it measures is about to run out.
Then what happens?
Gather round, kids, this is where it gets interesting. The planet Nibiru, whose existence is denied by astronomers but wildly affirmed by all manner of nutbags, was meant to hit Earth in 2003. One theory was that Nibiru (or ‘Planet X', which is astronomers' name for any yet-to-be-named planet) would be carrying aliens often called ‘ancient astronauts' who are believed to have kickstarted civilisation on Earth, and who were now popping back for a catch up and a nice cup of tea.
When 2003 passed without contact, the date of the impending Nibiru arrival was re-calculated to tie in with the Long Count calendar finishing.
THEN what?
Maybe Nibiru will destroy Earth. Maybe not.
If you believe the film 2012 we'll see a global cataclysm in which John Cusack is a hero, giant waves swamp the Sydney Opera House and molten lava spurts through the crust of the Earth. While the story line of that film is eminently believable, there are other theories.
Some hippies think there'll be a global spiritual transformation. Some people think there'll be a worldwide “blackout” until Christmas.
Maybe we'll be smashed up by a meteor (or Nibiru) or the planets will align in a way that destroys Earth, or Earth's poles will reverse, causing devastation. Or there'll be a supernova or superstorm or superenormous solar flare. Or black hole.
Or zombies. There could be zombies.
Or nothing will happen.
Are you serious?
Seriously, people think that. Seriously. There have been many predictions of apocalypse in the past, and their strike rate isn't great. Still, some people are serious.
What should I do?
Don't panic. But then, we would say that, wouldn't we? Party like there's no tomorrow, tell your partner/parents/friends/crush that you love them. Read more about the 2012 apocalypse on the NASA site. Wear clean underwear. Do all the stuff you should do anyway.Read more: "
By The way if the Mayans got it wrong there is another end of the world predicted in 2030. By then us golfers will have paid off the spending frenzy and ready for a new one.
Personally I believe the end of the world will happen just before the siren goes as a Saint Kilda Player kicks a goal to win their second premiership!

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

"Tour Confidential" a PGA autobiography by Ewan Porter

Working my way through "Tour Confidential" and enjoying the read I find that Ewan has written his book in some way typical of Australian author Matthew Reilly’s writing style. From the first sentence Ewan reveals himself, it is a autobiography after all. You won't find great prose or deep character analysis. The pacing, action, settings, and storytelling are frenetic compared to the Older generation of golfer Biographies churned out. I enjoy Porter's enthusiasm, not holding back from telling the misadventures revealing his ignorance, naivety, desire to be the best, motivations and reality of the ups and downs of having a crack at a Professional Golf Career. Without the carefully edited and manufactured, read gently and not tread on any toes style of past golf player books read.

In some ways this book is reminiscent of "Wilt: Just Like Any Other 7-foot Black Millionaire Who Lives Next Door", an autobiography by Wilt Chamberlain that served as his first venture into writing. That book painted a picture of the NBA that few had seen before, as it was one of the first accounts told specifically by a player from the league. It was one of the first sport biographies I read. As a benchmark to follow "Tour Confidential" is a book that Ewan Porter does not cover up his faults. If you want to learn then knowledge is invaluable and this book passes on gold.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Winning score at last...

2/12/12 Sunday Three weeks between posts most likely the longest break for me yet still golfing. Sticking ith the fun aspect of the game in the 'less is more' approach to the end of 2012. Recovered fully from the various injuries now and have played a few Ambrose and club competitions in the recovery period. With some basic practise sessions tuning a few game aspects. there is also the club involvement. One more year on committee was got out of me by the president and that has started with a bang at the AGM and firing up a few with a motion to change the constitution.

Had the numbers and won the vote, yet there was dissent on over the procedure and listing in the agenda so in the interest of club harmony let the motion lapse and will call a special general meeting after the new year. This is a good thing as the older members were not expecting this to have support now they know their way is not the majorities choice. Showed that the club is split significantly on the future view and operation and this is not going to go away now a vote has been taken.

Yesterday played Kingston and the form returned with 37 points 85 gross with 32 putts including one 4 putt and three 3 putts. Not even bothered with that it was expected. The rest of my game is really on song and still keeping my game preparation at a minimal level and resting up. An open on the 15th is in the schedule and that is being used as focus to get my putting under 30 a round. Thankyou for your time and attention
Hit'em straight all