Friday, May 17, 2013

Steady golf is the reward for practice

So much for quitting golf, not that this thought crossed my mind in the past week. Did a little musing on the loss and there was nothing in my thoughts to incite an personal sporting revolution. A couple of phone calls on Friday afternoon and I was out playing in the 9 hole chicken run. Funnily enough with out any collusion it was two other A Grade golfers in the match play rounds who are playing off against each other tomorrow. It was good fun and a lot of verbal b/s was thrown around during the 9 holes. Once again I was on the fairways off the tee with straight accurate drives. And again the second shots at the green were marred with a couple of bladed strikes. These mishits really irritate me. Hitting the ball 'fat' which invariably fall short are not as likely to be disasters. Hitting the ball 'thin' results in the ball flying uncontrollably forward sideways and long. This problem is one of comfort and not being consistent enough with my set up and will be corrected with more practice. Short game and putting is still competent enough to be very good at times. It is also reasonably consistent these days even as I am adjusting to a new putter. There is also a particular change in my putting which is taking significant effort to adopt. It has became the preferred standard to putt at the hole not towards it and fall short so often. Which brings me to the 9 hole Chicken run I play off 8 which is 6 strokes less than my current playing handicap. Today a score of 16 points not a bad effort on my part, did it easy too with the errors not too destructive. Tomorrow I am off to Kingston SE top play 18 holes and enjoy myself. Taking the time to return to why I love playing the game and have fun in the preparation for the coming months. Thank you for your time and attention. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. Thank you for your time and attention. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. Geoff

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Matchplay Quarter final and Naracoorte GC Two Cocks Ambrose

Saturday 11/5/13 Did not pick up a golf club today, resting up and catching up with work after playing in the Naracoorte Golf Club Two Cocks Ambrose event. As always a brilliant day organisation wise and catering with food and drinks was outstanding. Bbq steak and sausages, lamb roasted to perfection all with complimentary wines of the region as 200 golfers hit around the course. Our team finished with a 9 under 63 gross and 55.2 Nett not bad for 5 golfers all on 13 to 16 and one on 24 Looks like my match play game is on tomorrow after the opponent was laid up with a serious hand injury. Form is good enough and have done a putting session tonight. Off the tee yesterday as well as going for the greens and getting GIR yesterday all bode well form wise. Weather is the deciding factor Weather forecast Heavy rain overnight and showers sunday with 14-18 degree temperature is not too bad wit winds up to 24km. To be honest the winter weather tends to play in my favour generally. Going to be great fun with a 6 shot difference in handicaps 7 to my 13 and having a crack at winning. Thankyou for your Time and Attention Hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball Geoff

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday 5/5/13 I have no proven idea of what went wrong yesterday! Hit the ball well off the tee, putted well enough, chipped well and struck the ball well on my approach shots, which all fell 20 metres give or take a metre short all day. It was like that film with Bill Murray “Ground Hog Day” and with only 18 holes to play not enough time to rebuild what ever was broken. It was up with other very frustrating competition rounds I have played. Not a person to look for excuses there was only one factors that outside of my golfing that was influencing my game. For some reason the contact lens in my right eye was blurred all day and I could not get the best focus with both eyes. I do know it takes two eyes for depth perception yet this was golf. I hit certain clubs set distances all that remained is the possible mental psyche out of myself with the sight problem. Playing partners Hutch, Nick and Lofty. This morning I have no eye sight problems and the only change is not wearing the contacts from yesterday. Winner James Norcock from Naracoorte golf club The golf day was great fun the social side of playing club opens in the country regions is a big influence. Never know who you are going to play with and just turn up and join in the day on most occasions and feel very welcome. That was more so in the first year I played the Regions opens. These days I know many of the players yet still choose to play with whomever the club put me with. Still meet the golfers I know when arriving or after in the clubhouse, but have new social golfing mates as well. Being the huge power hitter I am it is no surprise (choke, cough, fart, dribble) that I won the B grade long drive. Which gave me a chance to get up and compliment the Penola Club on their excellent day. No matter how many kangaroos I see this mob (30+) at Penola are something special. It is almost as if the all come out of the pine plantation to watch us whack the balls around the course. Thankyou for your time and attention, Hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball Geoff

Friday, May 03, 2013

Dreamswing golf training tool working well...

The proof of the Dreamswing Training tool is shown regularly in my golf these days. Dreamswing Ebay Listing Getting the improved ability to draw the ball and also hit long and straight is all still relatively new in my game ability. This is not consistent enough to deliver the results needed to hit single figures at the minute. Whilst I stick to hitting the ball straight to the target in general. I do practise the shots that have the ball moving through the air in draws and fades as well. Dreamswing Video of a practise session The target to shave strokes for me is Greens In Regulation that is where my game falls down. Adds several strokes to a round for me. Even on a good day this is where the most obvious ‘extra’ shots come on the scorecard. On the good day I have a short game that gets the ball in the hole or a tap in putt. Playing so many chip shots under pressure increases each time with a bad shot possible. Not accepted mentally but a fact given my standard of golfing. Nothing spectacular on my part although the satisfaction of being able to shape the ball is further strengthened with the realisation that it all comes from knowing that I set up to hit the ball straight. The need to shape the ball is secondary to hitting it straight to the target in my game plan. Managed to get in a good set of practise sessions Thursday. The dentist treatment was not as debilitating as the previous trip and I was aching to have a few hits. 50 balls into the chipping net target, 50 balls on the putting green. Onto the practise fairway 30 with the six iron and 20 with the driver finished off the practise. Still some improvement to come to reach a lower handicap standard. Importantly the ability is there and practise will get the result. The six iron shots were very consistent and satisfying. The driver I broke into 2 lots of 10 balls. The first ten I just was hitting the ball with no target in mind except to loosen up. These balls sprayed all over the place, 5 were pulled to the left and that is much better that the slice which has been my game destroyer. The second ten I was settled and loose in stance and swing movement. The result had 9 of the ten balls hit the fairway target areas of 35 metres width, the one miss was only 10 m to the left.metres Thankyou for your Time and Attention Hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff