Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playing better than last week...

Saturday 29/12/12 The clock is ticking towards the end of the golfing year and sitting back reflecting on the past has to be done. Started out with my usual confidence and ambition to play my best and did so at times. Other rounds were terrible and the goals set were not reached when it came to making a single digit handicap.

Highlight of the season was the 78 off the stick and breaking 80 for the first time in a competition. Having to do it in the penultimate round to win a seasonal club trophy and in rain and wind was very satisfying. Played in many regional opens and was in the trick shot winning brigade often enough. A Grade or Division One success was beyond my ability in these open fields. There is always a learning experience with golfing and this year was realising that all the practise I have done so far has been good enough to give my game a base.

The past few weeks has been the best I have hit the ball ever.
"Nor is it just words the results of three second place finishes in the last three weeks competition including the Division 1 Nett at the Kingston Open last week. Yes there is some pride in the results gleaned from the effort. It still surprises me at the reaction of some golfers to winners who do not spout false modesty when having success. Water off a duck’s back to me the slights and to be honest poor sportsmanship of some losers in golf clubs. I will go as far to say that this facet of club golfing is also an influence on the failure of some clubs to progress into having growth in people joining these clubs.
Yesterday I had a very light range session 40 balls 20 with the #5 hybrid, 10 each with the #3 Metal and Driver. Nothing more than a technique practise session, hitting balls with measured effort. Concentration directed at making certain the stance, grip, swing and set up were being as well as possible and establishing consistency. Then off to the putting green to do the same with setting up for the all important finish to every hole."

A combination of equipment, using the full hybrid set has bee a major assistance. Fitness, with the weight loss and specific cable stretching exercise program that I have began adding stamina and consistency in being able to play the same shots regularly. Lastly but by no means least is the coaching program that I followed this year has got my game to the position where I do the right things to hit the ball and know what it is I am doing.
This summer I will be too busy working to play competition golf in January with any regularity. Which is going to be used to good stead.

 Continuing the less is more approach has worked very well in my recovery from the season injuries. This time it is being used to commit to practise and more practise with the cable pulling exercise program being followed rigorously to prepare for the 2013 Southern Ports Golf Tournament. My fourth crack at this. Again will be playing as many open tournaments as possible and travelling a lot wider a field so don;t be surprised to see your own clubs mentioned in these pages. Have a great 2013 all. Thankyou for your time and attention.