Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A winning round...At Last!

Surprised a little that it has been a month since posting yet that has been my level a capability of late. Once again my body has faltered under the the strain of the competitive golf this season. No where near as bad as 2013 or 2012 for that matter. Whilst the pain etc sucks it is much better, helps that I am being a lot smarter and the application of my "less is more" approach is working. Friday chicken run and I was stuffed at the beginning, and knew it. So I ambled around enjoying the social side of the game, whilst gently testing the limits of the capability. During the week I had maintained the light range sessions as well as putting and chipping practise. Once again the most affected part of my golf is the short game and putting. This freaking shoulder injury is still crippling the parts of the game which need some finesse. It is fine in practise sessions, the problems are only when playing competition. I can hit drives great with accuracy (also significant distance added at the minute) same with approach shots from 150-100 metres in. Chips from 30 metres in the touch is not there and I can feel the restriction after playing the long shots from the start. Putting is flaming unpredictable at first i thought it was a technique error. Friday's chicken run changed that assertion and yesterday's matchplay round confirmed it, I get an occasional muscle stiffness when putting and that causes a pull to the left. Fortunately having identified it Friday this only stuffed one putt for me all day. Luckily the one hole when I butchered the chipping my opponent was worse. The first hurdle over come, identified the problem exactly now. Winning the Elimination final match play round for Club Handicap Championships, convincingly. Was 6 up and opponent conceded with seven to play. It took a huge effort on my part and I know now what is needed. The oddest thing was I had a Bowen Therapy treatment mid week and it failed. This has thrown me a little as it has been a very successful treatment for over a decade now. Fortunately the Acupuncture/chiropractic treatment is booked for this week and that has been excellent since starting it this year. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball Thankyou for your time and attention. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff