Saturday, December 21, 2013

Using a Powerbilt Airforce one N7 driver... It works for me

Saturday Summer when it is 19 degree maximum and has been raining for the past 4 hours is much better than winter weather. I will play golf in snow if we had that weather condition here my only fault is I cannot play it as often as I would like due to physical limitations. Which is a golfing motivation of the first instance for me, the improvement to my heath since 2009 is at the least 85% golf inspired. Today I am still tender in the groin and playing the 9 hole comp yesterday it was restrictive while on the course. After playing, the pain was there as well. Which according to common sense recommends not playing golf today and rest up for a Sunday comp.Good thing that common sense is the first thing that goes when accepting that you are a committed golfer. Still wavering on playing or not though as it is raining still and I could spend a day inside doing some work and be responsible. To change the topic there is a possibility that I have gone to the dark side with my latest golf purchase. The Powerbilt Airforce One N7 (My GolfSpy review) I have always been interested in this driver, in particular because of the reaction of golfers to its marketing through advertising. The quest for distance in my golf game has been done now. That came from practise with the DreamSwing and developing a good swing plane with a consistent swing using this tool. To the extent that I had to redo all of my equipment back to stiff flex shafts for my game to work effectively. The only piece of equipment that was not settled had been the driver. Using the Cleveland SL290 was effective but always felt there was a little more distance available in the swing using this club. Cobra Encore ZL was proof of that and the only negative was the amount of height in many tee shots that took a lot of effort to control on my part. The Toskii 400cc Driver has always been a favorite of mine and I took that out of the cupboard during the past weeks. It to had benefited from my improved swing and could reach 230m off the tee and maintain a consistent 215-220m drive with accuracy. Used this club last weekend in claiming 2nd place in the Kingston Open. This Monday the Powerbilt Airforce One driver arrived and it has been great fun putting it through its paces on the driving range and on the course. Yes dear readers it does get good distance, that is said without bias on my part. After a full week of using it regularly and settled into a rhythm with the Driver it has surprised me with the ease in hitting 240 m tee shots. To the more important factor I want which is accuracy the driver is excellent, and it does that with an extra 5-10 m on the Toskii. Alongside the Cobra it is longer over all, with a lower ball flight and I am better able to shape shots with the Powerbilt club also. Not the greatest ball striker myself but fairly consistent and there are times when I hit the sweet spot on the face and the ball flies way like a drag racer car on nitrous oxide. The 'Trampoline effect' does describe this feeling very well. It does not take a powerful swing like usingthe Toskii does and that allows me much better control and distance from shots with less effort. The club is very light which again appeals to me and follows the Cleveland Golf practice of lighter club heads swing faster. Very satisfied to have this Driver in my bag and it was well worth the wait to get a new one for $74 (delivered) via an ebay auction. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit the ball, Find the ball, Hit the ball. Geoff