Saturday, April 29, 2006

Excess In Moderation

Another outlet for expression for me is this blog. Doing things takes time and the hours spent creating an idea and taking it to the next level of public performance just plays to my major character fault. Yes even though my friends correct me on it it is nice to have a delusion that PATIENCE is something I do have. Are you patient?

If it was possible to have one idea at a time and not have a myriad of others popping into existence inside this sponge like thing inside my head that are entertaining, and fun to explore then I too, would be patient. Thank fuck for blogging. An instant outlet for the offending idea to get an airing.

This blog will cover the whole spectrum of my creative being in written form. That's not to say as I go along, my various recordings of live shows and studio produced cd's won't get a place in here. Along with photo's of places and things I am doing, once I have it all figured out how to get them into here. Just that writing and telling tales is the first and easiest thing to do.

Who doesn't like EASY? C'mon we all do. It's as simple as having a choice between going to the supermarket to get food for a meal or being given a pointy stick and having to go out and hunt a Woolly Mammoth to have a BBQ. As romantic as the idea of chasing mammoths may be, when was the last time you heard of anyone getting trampled and gored into pre-fertiliser paste by a leg of lamb or beef? Hey! And foraging for vegetables wasn't so hot either, it's been ages since a person was leaning over inspecting the potato's and carrots was leapt on by a hungry tiger and became lunch in a supermarket.

Thanks for your time and attention, Geoff

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