Thursday, May 18, 2006

20 20 vision - Picture of a man with only seconds to live

Well my week of buying The Advertiser is nearly over, and back to just getting papers on the weekend is only a couple of days away. Mind you I have found it to be a better read than in the past. Still my interest was only peaked because of the 2020 Vision idea for the week. It has been the usual stuff up until Wednesday today it took a turn towards what I think needs to change, the resident attitude. Up until now it has been all about and feedback of buildings, buildings and buildings. The usual comments of not making Adelaide look like Sydney or Melbourne for what ever reason they are contributed just seem stupid to me.

I am just looking forward to doing the show on Saturday night alway love it when I see the sold out signs go up for a gig. Knowing the room is going to be full makes it so much more enjoyable. Went to a couple of the rehersals and... Okay, I don't rehearse. It is totally pointless for stand-up comedy so I went along just to get a running sheet and make sure the mic. and sound system work. All I organised is what color shirt I'll wear for the show, almost anyway. I know I will wear a shirt. Told the people doing the show what I will use for material except that was then, I won't have a clue until I walk out on the stage.
Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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