Saturday, May 20, 2006

2020 - is the end the begining

My week of buying The Advertiser daily is ended and it has been enjoyable reading. Maybe it is the absence of being a regular reader except on Saturdays for the past year, but I found the content of the paper to be an improvement. Particularly the coverage of events inter and intra - state. And for some reason even given the coverage of 2020 in letters to the editor, the amount of myopic carping was tolerable. It came across that the majority of contributors actually want change and a vision for the future in place. The first two days as the paper set the scene for the week with contributions of ideas from a variety of commentators in government, industry and asthetics.

As the week progressed I tuned into ABC 891, being country based it is the only avenue I have to statewide comment available and noticed that the 2020 Vision did not even raise a comment in the talkback on the morning program, not that Bevan and Abraham did not encourage it to their listeners. That is mostly because of the audience demographic to the program not the subject. This audience is definately not the one who this topic and idea is relevant to. Those who it applies to are at work or contributing to progress in the state in their own way. Early in the week Tim Nunan was intervieing a Soccer Australia rep on the Socceroos coming to Adelaide and playing at Adelaide Oval and the Women's soccer matches being played at Hindmarsh stadium. For the second time that I can recall in my memory, Tim included in his questioning the line, " We are suspicious in South Australia..."

Are we?

Or is it a matter of being encouraged to drag our heels in moving forward, until 'Death by Committee' can be enacted?
Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff


Kaufman said...

You'll be attending an AA meeting, Advertisers Anonymous, any day now.

I'm surprised at hearing they're changing their ways. One small step for a man and all that.

Geoff said...

LMAO Andy, yeah it does come across like that I guess. No point in me joining the other AA hell I like getting drunk in public too much.