Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hate ain't Healthy

I am slack as they come when it comes to churning out ramblings. Mostly it is a matter of pacing myself, coz in between ramblings I have to do things as well. Usually with what my lastest raves are about. Yep words are bloody pointless if not acted upon as far as I am concerned. Had a ball at the show on the 20th of May it was fun to get up and make people laugh. No swearing, no belittling of anyone, okay I did a little pisstake of Warney, Schappelle Corby and a few politicians but mostly got stuck into inanimate objects. C'mon I have to have a bit of a challenge when having fun and use my brain to get a laugh.

Anyway back on my soap box, HATE AIN"T HEALTHY. Especially when fuktard media heads use it in sport because they think it is funny. Or in Steven Triggs case a good marketing ploy to strengthen club support. Yeah he said it quite a while ago in a news interview and today I find out that 5AA used HATE as a topic to get a bit of humorous banter during talkback on a footy show. Apparently it was not funny and the announcer was a bit uncomfortable as the subject denigrated into some scary comments. A few years back I made a bit of a spectacle of myself and had a few public rants about hate and sport. Right now I do not feel vindicated or any more correct in my past stance.

When I hear footy heads raving on about bringing back interstate footy games and the AFL are not supportive of it. How about because the AFL can see how divisive the archaic concept from the last century would be to the image of the game as it is developing today. Social stability is not secure if hate in any form is supported or encouraged through mass media exposure. Sport is a great avenue to instill hate and establish a fertile ground to nuture what is proven to be the result of this. Unfortunately the attitude of; 'It can't happen here' is a classic ostrich with the it's head in the sand' myth perpetuated by the myopic.
Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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