Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No Worries; excellent service from Brisbane ABC

Arranged for the recording of a character in a radio production by Steven J Whitely in Brisbane on Monday for tonight at 7.30pm through the Mt Gambier ABC. Spoke to Steve this morning and gave him the address and the ABC phone number as well. I knew it was all organised but having done this job for many years too often have I turned up to places and been met with bemused looks and sometimes the outright disbelief of 'What the hell are you doing here.' So I gave Steve the no. for one reason alone, he has been in the industry himself for long enough and knows this happens. And he would have had that gut feeling that even though I had told him it was all done would want to hear a confirmation from the horses mouth at the ABC for his own peace of mind.

Sure enough at 2pm I get a phone call, he's rang them to check and they have no idea what he's talking about. Can I arrange a new time next week. The ABC staffer he spoke with the, 2nd one was helpful and is following it up, the first one was rude and shunted him off. Damn that's really stuffing up the deadline for me and thrown a whole week out to get the production finished off. I'll have to ring Mt Gambier explain the cock up, Steve has gigs in the Gold Coast and Brisbane next week... so that throws out the days available and so on.

Steve gets two phone calls while we chat one from a big bannana following it up as he has found no record of this booking arrangement and the second from Melissa the second girl Steve had spoke to, what a fantastic ABC employee. She has followed it up, found that it was all arranged as I had told Steve and all is sweet again. No-one lost their cool or had a rant and it proves that the best form of service is not the fast food version. The best service takes time and you get a quality result. Thanks ABC it's all just going along fine again because of the quality.

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