Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Penguin Hunter Diaries

The Penguin Hunter Diaries
Finally back home after touring through Victoria performing "the Ballad of Adam Lindsay Gordon". It is kinda odd that for someone like me who gets bored so quickly that having performed this show since 2002 it still is so exciting. The people and places I go is what makes it so much fun. And by being in the 'Gordon' frame of mind I think this makes it all the more worthwhile seeing it as he saw this new world that became Australia when he arrived. Moments that resound in my memory are hearing a chorus of kelpies barking and yapping during my performance at the Casterton Kelpie Festival which proved why WC Field said, 'never work with animals or children'. And performing between an emeritus professor from Melbourne University and an academic Dr. of something who had written a book about Gordon at the Froth and Bubble Festival in Champions Racing Hall of Fame in Federation Square, Melbourne. Damned if I know what is so much fun about the unexpected but I love it. Hell there was even a lectern! I had heard about these things and I think this was a real flash one, made of perspex and with two mic's attached Iw wish I had the time to see if they were able to be used as antenna and tune into the space Station. Instead I had to talk and perform about Gordon and that was probably the right choice as that was why I was there. Besides I didn't know whose turn it was on the roster at the space station and if the russians are there I would not have understood a word of what they said.

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Kaufman said...

Let me know the next time you do that show somewhere in Adelaide. I'll throw on the musical theme to Flash Gordon on in the background as an intro (and wait how long it takes for people to realise that a shitstirrer is amongst them. :)

Also, I'm sure the incident with the kelpies would've added more than a touch of Australian culture to the experience.

PS I feel sorry for those poor bastards in/aboard the space station. I saw a (very enlightening) doco about that contraption and was close to tears when they showed the conditions; talk about 4th World!