Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cat Hunting season begins...

It's CAT season....
Cats, there are two types of cats Big Cats and Little Cats. Basically they do nothing except eat, lie around, breed, eat some more, lie around some more and breed some more. Fine, if you are a cat.

Cats do nothing worthwhile in return for humans, ever heard of a cat making a scientific break through? Saving a life? Wouldn't matter if you did anyway because what one cat does is irrelevant to what cats do in general.

What do cats eat? Meat, and when the little pet cats are feeding, they still eat meat which they go and hunt! Although it is usually served up by the cat's trained human. Now Big Cats eat meat too and what are people made up of? Meat and crunchy bits, as far as Big Cats are concerned people are just food not in a can and given a chance, even to little cats we are lunch.

In no way should cats be confused with the vernacular for vagina, 'Pussy' which probably comes from the same perspective in naming. "Pussy's" eat meat too just with less teeth.

So to save myself and others from becoming lunch it is Geoff's Cat Hunting Season.

The Cats are running scared so early in the campaign. The first sign of the typical Cat cowardice is the speed at which they run away and cower in guilt. Or perhaps it is just hunger pangs and they are waiting for dinner.

Now they know how all those poor little birdies feel when being batted about by Cats playing with their food. And seeing how well pet Cats get fed there is no need to even pick on the poor defenceless little cutie birdies.

Thank you for your time and attention, Geoff

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