Wednesday, August 27, 2008

THE ADVERTISER interviews this Blogger on "delay in the broadband tender"

THE ADVERTISER - (SA Business Journal section)
August 25, 2008 11:30pm

THE transition from dial-up to broadband has helped Robe-based stand-up comic, actor and artist Geoff Dening, 45, triple his income and work over three years.

An AdelaideNow reader, Dening has told The Advertiser his story after reading about the delay in the broadband tender process of the Federal Government.

"The internet is not a tool for political profit,'' Dening says in a comment posted on the website.

He sells his CDs, auditions for acting jobs, creates works in progress and uses the internet as a research tool to perceive audience reactions to his work with his Optus broadband connection.

"I am happy with the speed I currently have, but the more I get, the better it is,'' he says.

Using sites such as MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation and Star Now, he has access to a global audience, and receives royalties from an American company for people to listen to recordings online.

The internet has opened up more avenues for the regional South Australian, now developing an online radio station and producing an online film using YouTube.

However, the lack of advanced internet capabilities has hampered him.

"My progress has been a lot slower than is possible,'' he says.

"For example, I could be selling digital downloads right now using ReverbNation as the storage and provider.''

Having done this interview a couple of weeks ago I did not know it was published until an email arrived yesterday afternoon from the Area Representative - Limestone Coast Telstra Country Wide. Who contacted me to explain that the infrastructure that OPTUS used for my connection was actually established by Telstra. To be honest I do not care about whose it is. My use of the internet is for work mostly and I pay for the service, all I want is good service and access to the tools that are effective in making my work better. REVERBnation contacted me after reading the article on my site in the Media section with the following Thank you Geoff. That was really kind of you and we really do appreciate it. We are getting much closer to the releasing digital distribution and it is looking amazing.

That is what my need from the company/businesses I deal with for the internet requires. Communication and current services/applications that benefit nothing else.
My YOUTUBE channel does exactly that and the INSIGHT function in particular has been very helpful in gaining me another entertainment opportunity with the ability to show the demographics and locations of my veiwers and subscribers. anyone who thinks that success from using the Internet is just a matter of sitting down and having people flock to their sites will join the list of people dismayed that failure has happened to them. The internet is just like any other work medium you have to put in the effort to make it succeed.

Currently I have my short Documentary Film from the footage taken at the 2008 FRINGE in Adelaide submitted in the ABC2 'Fanging It' Phase 2 all you have to do is;
Be a creative Australian (18 or over) with original ideas and a strong sense of fun... (If you think your clip is interesting, we’re prepared to check it out!)
Make a short (two to two-and-a-half-minute), entertaining, factual video - which doesn’t feature you - about a real-life Australian adventure, person, place or travel encounter (this time you’re strictly behind the camera).
Clips can be about:

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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