Monday, September 08, 2008

"GRAND FINAL" The Song for football released



Artist Darren McCrae's song "GRAND FINAL" will be sung by the artist at the SANFL Grand Final in 2008. Darren Mccrae, Born in Broken Hill has pursed his creative passions of singing, songwriting and visual arts throughout his career. Along the way he has been a professional football player, forward scout and coach with SANFL (West Adelaide, North Adelaide Woodville-West Torrens), AFL (North Melbourne, Carlton) and country football league clubs. Also completing his apprecticeship as a Painter and Decorator/Signwriting at the Zinc Corporation [Broken Hill Mining}

Based at Tanunda, in the Barrossa Valley South Australia where he operates McCrae Gallery. The Gallery dsplays his current visual artistic works on canvas and sculptures.

Musically Darren has been inspired all along the journey by his mother Claire McCrae, classical singer (Order Of Australia)

Acting and singing on stage as a child in regional repertory/philharmonic productions, including THE MIKADO, THE KING AND I and later as an adult in HELLO DOLLY, along with being the lead vocal in many regional cover bands. After 15 years of songwriting and receiving guitar lessons Darren has started to professionally record his music. After being introduced to Simon Marshall an accomplished musician and producer at the Barrossa music store, with Simon's advice and a great appreciation of each others talents, the pair decided to take the compositions to the recording studio.

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