Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Footyhead" Character goes from strength to strength

There is no doubt that I would not change my life lived if I had the time again. It is much more beneficial to live with the realisation that what went before has got me to this happy place now. So why desire to change what has worked. On Sunday I went out to lunch with my girlfiend and experienced "spontaneous change". Nothing drastic or life changing just another of those events that catch my minds attention. Went to the Grange Kiosk for lunch and it was bustling with diners. No tables available inside so we were seated outside. After getting comfortable and deciding on meals and drinks I went inside to order.

Just as I finshed "she who likes to see the sea" came up behind me at the counter and told me we now had a table inside. The waitress delivered the drinks and bread to our table and away we chatted catching up each other. (My G/F and I live 300 odd Km apart, so the phone gets a good work out every day) Nothing like being in the company of the one you love for a grand time. Then the people sitting at the window finished their daliance and 'she who likes to see the sea" decided we would up stakes and move again to the window seats and table.

The beauty of the whole experience is that we could have an enjoyable discussion which as usual branches off onto various topics all from that diffence in out respective ways of having a meal out. I would have done the same thing from sitting at the first table as we did at the third. But the whole experience and intimate communication between the two of us was expanded by the movement.

Back in April 2008 when I reanimated the "Footyhead" character in responce to a casting call for a commecrial TV network program, there were no expectations. Up until 2002 "Footyhead" was only performed live and had evolved as a lighthearted avenue for fun from my years as a sporting magazine publisher and editor. AFter sneding in the required DVD of the character he was accepted by the producers. To be honest the goal was reached and I could have left it at that.

Instead I continued filming weekly "Footyhead" segments commenting on AFL games and uploading them to YOUTUBE. In part because at the time I was not touring and as live performers know, audience reaction is a lure for any of us and "Footyhead" on YouTube was totally different from doing him live.

Which just goes to show the the 'Net is a valuable medium for fun and creativity when you least expect it. Like anything on the ever changing medium of online it has been interesting o see for myself the evolution of this project for myself. Even without my usual supplement of caffeine stimulation, my mind is always racing. I was musing earlier in the week about how great it would have been to have had the 'net available in my teens. Perhaps I would not have read so many books, or created so many tales in my head.

Enjoy the clips
regards Geoff



Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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