Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Noostar dress rehearsal starts today

October must be the month of everything is going to happen so get ready for it. Have a full day planned and was going to be up to date as possible before heading of tommorrow morning for Jury Service. Instead I am behind and trying to catch up after receiving an email from Noostar http://www.noostar.com/performer/geoffdenning

This was from a casting call I auditioned for several months ago. I vaguley recalled getting an email 2-3 months ago informing me that I had been selected to go the next level. Following is teh email from Noostar that has thrown my day out at the minute. dear readers click the link to my profile above and have a look at my page during this 'dress rehearsal' week. And PLEASE Rate my video.

At some point in the last six months you answered a call seeking performers for a new online talent site. You were one of a select handful chosen by Gina Lyons at So Televisionto come on board. Thank you for sending us your clips, or visiting Gina to be filmed,we've been beavering away building the site and we're almost there. Between Monday 13th and Friday 24th we are testing the new site - it's our dress rehearsal. To make things easy we have taken the performances and profile information you sent through to Gina and uploaded them to the Noostarsite. http://www.noostar.com

Next, upload any great new performances you have recorded and update and tell the audience more about yourself by fleshing out your profile. All of this can be done via the 'Upload' and 'My Account tabs. The final, most important, thing is to tell the world to go to www.noostar.com and vote for you! As a Noostar performer you have your own address e.g.www.noostar.com/performer/johnsmith - mail this to your friends and they will see you directly. The more votes your performances receive the higher up the chart you'll climb. At 4pm each Friday the voting will close and we'll have our first winners! So go straight to www.noostar.com and see if you can get to number one. See you in the hall of fame !
Love and hugs The Noostar team

P.S. if you have any problems or feedback about the site please e-mailus at helpdesk@noostar.com with your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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