Monday, June 21, 2010

Golf - Breaking 90 is very satisfying

Play Your Best Golf - Break 90 Vol 1
20th June 2010 Delivered the result that matched my expectations in todays round, 89 Gross for a nett 68 with 31 putts. Breaking 90 was the minimum that was acceptable after the past 2 weeks of preparing and tuning up my game. Together with the result the game was very good fun, my brother turned up and wanted to have a round with me to see if the ‘hype’ was true. This added a particularly different attitude with a lot of jesting and chatter that would be an unacceptable distraction to most golfers. Which I agree with too, but playing with my brother gave an unexpected bonus. I was very relaxed and did not falter under the pressure from distractions and jokes. At the same time maintained a serious target focus and succeeded.
Ended up coming 2nd on the day and was happy with that placing, made a few mistakes in the round which cost me the win. Still surprising to me that my understanding of the game and my playing has evolved to this level in a year. In the round there was One bad drive, caused by not doing my routine set up, One bad putt, rushed it, two bad pitch/chip shots and this was the difference between winning and 2nd place. Happy with the result though as my goal was to break 90, not winning the competition. My handicap will go another step closer to 20 after this, under the system now consistency is the way to change handicap and I am finding this beneficial to my game as well.

The fluency and feel with the irons is a definite aid to my game at the minute. Since moving on from the oversized cavity back game assisting irons it has been a gradual appreciation and understanding of being able to ‘feel’ the shots when playing them. Can admit to actually shaping shots deliberately now with the more ‘pure’ style of iron. This is all good in the setting up for moving to blades later in the season. Putting was nothing brilliant yet again was consistent and my style did not falter except in the one putt that missed a par chance. This is perhaps the most enjoyable part of improving my game as every putt is taken confidently and expected to go in.

The coming weekend an hour and a half drive to Keith to play in the next round of the DK Edwards Trophy and their Open day is planned for Sunday. A 10.30 am hit off will make it a long day but the opportunity to play golf on another course can’t be passed up. Even though it will be the first time on this course I am looking forward to finding out if my current approach to playing is as effective there as it has been on my home course.  “Hit ‘em straight, all”
 Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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